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Prize Winning Portrait of a New York Woman Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner is Becoming a New American Thanksgiving Icon

November 23, 2011

NEW YORK, Nov. 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — ‘Mrs. Cerna,’ a prize winning portrait in London earlier this year, is becoming a new Thanksgiving icon. ‘Mrs. Cerna’ was awarded the 2011 Young Artist Prize (out of a record 2,372 entries) in the BP Portrait Award competition at the National Portrait Gallery in London, the most prestigious portrait competition.

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Contrary to the traditional American masters’ sweet and bubbly depictions of Thanksgiving Day festivities (like Norman Rockwell’s iconic cover of the Saturday Evening Post), Sertan Saltan’s ‘Mrs. Cerna’ brings us a clever and provocative taste of the modern Thanksgiving Holiday and the contemporary urban landscape influenced more by Twilight than the pilgrims. The conflicted and striking image of a young woman amidst her preparations for Thanksgiving dinner and displaying the primary tool of her preparations, has started to appear in prints in all over the world. Saltan’s refreshing and modern interpretation is being noticed in the art world and is currently on tour across the United Kingdom and Scotland.

The subject of the painting (Mrs. Cerna) is the younger sister of a friend of the artist in New York City. She is caught glancing at the artist, almost menacingly, with her hair in rollers and her latex gloves purposefully sharpening a large knife.

Sertan Saltan has brilliantly captured the tension between the modern domesticity and the wavering confidence of a young woman in the portrait of Mrs. Cerna. The viewer is granted a meaningful introduction to this extraordinary woman and the richness and complexity of her experience in preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. The portrait was awarded this year’s BP Young Artist Prize and is currently touring in the United Kingdom and Scotland. The portrait will return to the United States for exhibition in early 2012 with other works by the artist.

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