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Bupa International Releases Health Guides to Hong Kong and Singapore

December 5, 2011

COPENHAGEN, December 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

Bupa International has published two new health guides for expatriates in Hong Kong
and Singapore. The guides include information on vaccinations, medical insurance and
emergency healthcare.

Expatriate health information is increasingly sought after as a growing number of
people relocate to foreign countries for work. Information on healthcare in the East Asian
region is particularly needed, as the area’s many booming industries have drawn a large
number of foreign workers in recent years.

Expatriates already living in Hong Kong or Singapore and those who are planning to
move to either country can access the health guides via the Bupa International website.

The Hong Kong health guide [http://www.bupa-intl.com/health/hong-kong-health ]
discusses vaccinations and the various infectious diseases that expatriates in Hong Kong
may be susceptible to. For those wondering whether to take anti-malarial medicines prior
to their move, the health guide explains that this is unnecessary, as the
mosquito-transmitted disease is not found in Hong Kong.

However, though malaria is not found in Singapore, the Singapore health guide
[http://www.bupa-intl.com/health/singapore-health ] suggests that expatriates take
measures to prevent mosquito bites, as dengue fever and chikungunya have both been
reported on the island.

The two health guides also provide information on international health insurance
[http://www.bupa-intl.com ] options that expatriates in Singapore and Hong Kong can
benefit from and give an overview of the healthcare systems in both city-states, such as
the availability of specialist care, the number of hospitals and the nature of primary

“Moving and living abroad can be daunting, particularly when it comes to the subject
of health,” said Dr Sneh Khemka, medical director for Bupa International. “These health
guides will help people to prepare for their move to Singapore or Hong Kong and offer them
detailed information about hospital and treatment options there.

“Healthcare systems can vary enormously from one place to another so it’s vital to be
prepared for any eventuality before you move or travel abroad. These health guides give an
overview of the situation in Singapore and Hong Kong but you should always seek advice
from an expert if you have a serious medical condition.”

Bupa International’s website also includes expatriate guides
[http://www.bupa-intl.com/expat ] to other countries. The guides offer advice on culture
and cost of living in various countries as well as other information such as how people
can ship their belongings when relocating to a foreign country.

About Bupa International:

Bupa International pioneered expatriate health insurance in 1971 and today is one of
the leading expatriate health insurers in the world. It provides international health
insurance [http://www.bupa-intl.com/for-you ] to customers in 190 countries including some
of the world’s largest and most well-known companies. It offers customers access to more
than 200,000 medical providers worldwide and can settle bills directly with over 7,500
hospitals and clinics.

The company is headquartered in Brighton, England, and has a worldwide emergency
medical centre staffed by a team of experienced, multi-lingual advisers and offer
customers support and advice 24 hours a day, every day.

Bupa International has achieved a number of accolades over the last 40 years,
including winning the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for its achievements in international
trade three times.

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