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December 6, 2011

CONCORD, Calif., Dec. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Jopari Solutions, Inc., testified at the November 18th Hearing of the Subcommittee on Standards of the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS) as part of a select Property & Casualty industry panel. The panel was convened to provide input to the Subcommittee on making standard transaction sets under HIPAA applicable to other insurance types. NCVHS will submit recommendations to HHS based in part on the panel’s input.

Jopari, a leading P&C industry eBill agent, currently processes over 1.4 million ASC X12 N transactions monthly for thousands of medical providers connected with hundreds of workers’ compensation and auto medical insurance payers nationally. Jopari provides ‘singular end to end workflow’ ensuring compliance with jurisdiction EDI standards and compliance nuances, providing a broad array of connectivity options enabling medical providers with diverse technical capabilities to participate in eBilling.

To promote administrative simplification and cost savings within the Property & Casualty industry, Jopari recommended NCVHS advocate that HHS focus on the relevant, appropriate and delimited X12 transaction sets in order to encourage adoption by the industry, including:

    1.           ASCX12N Healthcare Claim Professional and
                 Institutional (837)
    2.          ASCX12 Acknowledgements (TA1, 999/277CA), and
    3.           ASCX12N Healthcare Claim Payment/ Advice

Jopari also encouraged NCVHS to recommend support for expanded deployment of electronic funds transfer (EFT) capabilities by P&C payers, indicating a growing number of payers that accept eBill submissions are optimizing internal cost efficiencies by offering EFT medical payments. EFT payments also allow healthcare providers to reduce accounts receivables frictional costs.

Based on experience building a 50-state Property & Casualty connectivity infrastructure for the exchange of X12 transactions, Jopari urged that NCVHS recommend supporting a national standardized administrative simplification approach for the industry, to include:

                    Allowing sufficient time to review
                    business requirements and workflow
                    impact of ASACX12 278 treatment
                    authorizations and certification
    A.              transactions
    B.              Endorsing the IAIABC model rule and
                    eBill Companion Guide to
                    facilitate use of the appropriate
                    HIPAA 5010 X12 transactions
    C.              Encouraging ongoing industry
                    participation in standards setting
                    to assist voluntary alignment
    D.              Offering support to technology
                    vendors' use of the X12N standard
                    transactions relevant to P&C lines
                    of business
    E.              Supporting P&C industry outreach
                    and provider community education
                    regarding use electronic billing

Jopari CEO Steve Stevens, who attended the hearing, stated “We were pleased to see the NCVHS Standards Subcommittee take on the complex and important task of crafting P&C industry recommendations for HHS. Panel testimony at the November 18th Hearing made evident that applying an “all-inclusive” full set of X12 transactions to the Property & Casualty industry poses significant risks to the integrity of the industry’s essential legal and contractual insurance obligations, as well as financial and structural competencies, should HIPAA requirements ultimately go beyond specified standards for electronic billing, remittance and payment.”

About Jopari

Jopari Solutions, Inc. is a SAS 70 Type II certified technology products company supplying integrated eBill compliance and payment solutions to workers’ compensation, auto Providers and Payers. For providers, Jopari has established an extensive connectivity network directly with providers, practice management systems and clearinghouses, and offers innovative solutions to assist with the management of attachments. Jopari significantly enhances payers’ ability to manage medical bills and disbursements, allowing significant reductions in associated expenses as well as comply with growing state eBill/ePay regulatory requirements. For more information, please visit www.jopari.com or call 800.903.7799 ext 5213.

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