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Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Book and GetDatingInsight.com Launch

January 16, 2012

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — In Victoria Levine’s new book, Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing, Victoria takes her readers on a journey inside the minds of 18 different types of players, showing how they deceive and manipulate to get what they want in dating, business, friendship and life – be it sex, money, business opportunities, anything they desire and wish at any cost. We all experience at least one player type in life; you may even have one close to you now. In the book, she points out what makes these personality types tick.

Victoria shows how players attempt to confuse us by trying to evoke emotions, making us feel vulnerable and then leading us to believe that they are here for us, care about us and that we can trust them. Manipulation is very cruel and often difficult to identify.

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing will help readers unravel this fragmented puzzle of dating and life, putting an end to players pulling the wool over our eyes. Understanding the manipulation and deception used by players makes it “game over.” In the book readers can learn many skills necessary in making it easier to identify a player and then how to simply walk away.

A player is not glamorous. The artificial act shown, when they first meet you, is instantaneous: loving you for a moment while their ego gets fed; the sincere caring they have in their heart for others is dead.

In conjunction with her book, Victoria is launching a new blog, Get Dating Insight; the blog is about being true to your own personal desires and gaining skills to find your ultimate match. It’s here to help you strengthen your skills and insight, ask questions, and to better assess your dating situations and life relationships. Through her experiences, Victoria will help others strengthen their skills, wisdom and knowledge without having to go through unnecessary heartache.

Order Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing today for $14.99 in paperback, or $9.99 in PDF and eBook. Sign up for the Get Dating Insight newsletter and you will receive a sample of the book, including the first 5 player types, free.

About Victoria Levine

Victoria Levine is an artist, poet, author and life coach. She spreads wisdom, knowledge, truth and inspiration through all of her creative endeavors. A loving mother of three, Victoria becomes most inspired when surrounded by nature.

More information on Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing by Victoria Levine and the Get Dating Insight website is available at http://www.vlevine.com and http://www.getdatinginsight.com where you can also find Victoria on Facebook and @Dating_Insight on Twitter.

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