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Report: Mich Arts Contribute $51 for Every State Dollar Invested

January 23, 2012

WIXOM, Mich., Jan. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — A new report, Creative State Michigan, released by ArtServe Michigan – the state’s leading statewide arts and cultural advocacy organization – shows that 211 nonprofit arts and cultural organizations contributed nearly half a billion dollars in expenditures alone to the economy of Michigan in 2009. Learn more at www.CreativeStateMI.org.

Among other data, the report reveals the significant impact of state dollars invested in the arts and culture nonprofit sector. For every $1 invested by the state, the arts and culture nonprofit sector contributed $51 into the Michigan economy. In fact, of the $462 million in annual expenditures by the creative community in 2009, $152 million was paid out in salaries for 15,560 jobs. From 2006 to 2010, the number of arts-related jobs increased by 4 percent in Michigan, while arts-related businesses increased by 43 percent.

“As Michigan has sought methods to overcome its economic challenges, the creative industries largely have been overlooked, despite the significant value they bring to the state’s economy, as well as the industry’s ability to attract and retain professional talent and business investment,” said Jennifer Goulet, president and CEO of ArtServe. “Through Creative State Michigan, we are taking new steps to demonstrate that value with standardized, verifiable data so the sector can be included in Michigan’s strategies to reinvent itself for a sustainable future.”

Data for the Creative State Michigan report come from the Americans for the Arts’ annual Creative Industries Reports, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation/Pure Michigan and the Michigan Cultural Data Project (Michigan CDP). The Michigan CDP data are from 211 nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in Michigan that completed data entry and review. Michigan is home to more than 2,000 nonprofit arts and cultural organizations. More information will be available every year, as more groups add to the database.

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ArtServe Michigan is a statewide nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to cultivating the creative potential of Michigan’s arts and cultural sector to enhance the public health and well-being of Michigan, its people and communities. ArtServe advocates for arts, culture and arts education in Michigan; provides leadership and professional development for arts and cultural organizations and artists; and connects arts and cultural leaders and supporters through strategic communications. Contact ArtServe Michigan at 248-912-0760 or visit ArtServeMichigan.org.

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