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The NEW Carry Yak. Finding that Perfect Balance in hands-free kayak transport

January 31, 2012

HALIFAX, Jan. 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Carry Yak, a perfectly balanced,
hands-free kayak carrier is now available online.  For kayakers,
carrying one’s kayak, particularly solo, can be a struggle. The choices
have been slim, frustrating and often painful. With so few options,
kayak portage has been a delicately balanced frustration.

Until now.

Today marks the launch of the Carry Yak, a perfectly balanced,
hands-free kayak carrier, made in Nova Scotia, Canada. With the Carry
Yak, kayakers can now enjoy a more pleasant and less physically
demanding portage. With your hands free to carry extra gear, navigate
rugged terrain, or even quickly snap photos en route, the Carry Yak
helps you get back on the water more quickly and more comfortably.

“The kayak has been around for thousands of years, but the act of
carrying the kayak has not changed much. We based the Carry Yak design
on the simple truth that balance can be found in heavy objects to
lighten any weight. Distributing the kayak weight makes it easier to
carry. After several years of working on the Carry Yak, and
experiencing the freedom it gives me when I am kayaking, I will be
thrilled to bring it to market and to hear the response from other
kayakers” says Carry Yak co-inventor and President, Brian Evans.

With the Carry Yak clamped to the kayak’s cockpit, the kayak can simply
be flipped over and safely lifted onto the kayakers’ shoulders above
the head. It can be used by one person and adjusts to kayaks of all
sizes. Installation of the Carry Yak takes less than a minute, and can
be easily removed and stowed away when the kayaker reaches the water.

The Carry Yak is available online to customers throughout North America
at carryyak.com for $147.

About Carry Yak
Launched February 2012, the Carry Yak is a perfectly balanced,
hands-free kayak carrier. Developed to make carrying a kayak easier and
more comfortable, the Carry Yak balances the kayak evenly on kayakers’
shoulders, freeing both hands for a more enjoyable portage. This patent
pending technology is designed and manufactured in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is
available online at carryyak.com.

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