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Premium Proxy Service Enables Web Surfing from Tampa

January 31, 2012

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — GeoSurf Premium Proxy Servers released a fast, secure, and reliable proxy server in Tampa, Florida, today. This, in addition to its 89 other proxies around the world and throughout the United States enables online advertising professionals to surf the web as if they are physically located in Tampa (or virtually any other location).

GeoSurf offers an easy-to-use browser add-on toolbar as an interface to hop around the world from proxy to proxy. It is unobtrusive and user-friendly. In addition, for users who need to change the entire machine’s IP to test in applications beyond the browser (i.e., chat, casino, Forex), GeoSurf also offers a private VPN connection to many of its servers. Furthermore, for “on-the-go” professionals, access to the proxy server network is also available on iphone, ipad, and Android devices.

“We add proxy locations that our customers need,” said Oren Zafrir, VP, Business Affairs. “Tampa is quickly becoming an advertising target hot spot. In a recent story, Forbes explained that employment services firm, Manpower, published an employment outlook survey that predicts 12% growth in 2012 and advertisers are ready to cash in. Geotargeting to Tampa Bay residents is getting big and we are here to help our customers test, validate, and monitor their web content and advertising for this geo.”

The toolbar, used by online advertisers and agencies, publishing sites, networks, DSPs, programmers and QA personnel, is available on the GeoSurf‘s website. It also includes is a mobile emulator, to experience the content like a mobile user does and comprehensive eco-system reports for an up-to-the-minute macro view of the online advertising world. The browser toolbars and advanced features like a VPN Connection, Smartphone Solution, Direct Connect API are available in 90 locations, including Tampa.

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Source: PR Newswire