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Wells Fargo Named the USA’s Most Valuable Banking Brand

February 1, 2012

NEW YORK, February 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

        - Wells Fargo has been named as the USA's top banking brand despite being
          knocked off the top spot internationally by HSBC in the Brand Finance Banking 500.
        - Bank of America, Chase and Citi Bank rank in the Top 10 Banking brands
        - American Express had an extremely successful year in 2011 after climbing from
          13th to 7th place and now enters the Top 10 Banking Brands.

The Brand Finance Banking 500 report, released today, shows that Wells Fargo has been
named as the USA’s Most Valuable Banking Brand despite being beaten by British bank HSBC
as the world’s most valuable banking brand in 2012. The Wells Fargo banking brand has
maintained its place as the 2nd leading bank brand in the world and now the leading bank
brand in the USA as well as being valued at $23.23 billion.

Bank of America lost a staggering $11.166 million USD of brand value over the last
year and as a result lost its status as the world’s strongest banking brand. Bill Barker
of Brand Finance New York said “few banking brands want to emphasize investments or
mortgages as part of their brand equity as the Brand Finance Banking 500 study shows that
some of the worst performers were investment heavy Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and JP

There have been strong performances from both Citi Group and American Express in sixth
and seventh place respectively who have both jumped several places up the ranking. “With
five of the top 10 most valuable banking brands headquartered in North America, the USA is
clearly recovering from the financial crisis much faster than Europe,” said Elise Neils of
Brand Finance Chicago.

Commenting on this year’s report, David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance, said: “The past
12 months have proved to be a very turbulent period for banking brands. We have seen a
collective decline in brand value amongst the 500 banks in our report of $94.78bn. Despite
this, the total value of the top 500 banking brands was US$746.7 billion. The size of this
number – which is equivalent to the GDP of Turkey – underlines the importance of brand
value to the global financial sector.”

“2012 is set to be a landmark year politically with the US election in November and
polls in Germany and France too. In this context the eyes of the world will be examining
the brand value of financial institutions, as an indicator of broader financial health of
their respective nations.”

The Brand Finance Banking 500 Top 10 Most Valuable Banking Brands in The USA

         Global   Global                                                  Brand
          Rank                                              Brand Value   Rating
          2012   Rank 2011      Brand         Domicile         2012        2012
           2         2       Wells Fargo    United States $23.23 billion   AA+
           3         1     Bank of America  United States $22.91 billion   AA+
           5         5          Chase       United States $18.96 billion   AA+
           6         9           Citi       United States $18.64 billion   AA+
           7        13     American Express United States $18.23 billion   AAA-
           16       18       J.P. Morgan    United States $11.60 billion   AA+
           19       16      Goldman Sachs   United States  $9.33 billion   AA+
           28       32           Visa       United States  $7.09 billion   AAA-
           29       29      Morgan Stanley  United States  $6.35 billion   AA
           35       45        Mastercard    United States  $5.18 billion   AA+

The Brand Finance Banking 500 Top 20 Most Valuable Banking Brands

        Rank Rank                                           Brand Value    Brand
        2012 2011            Bank               Country        (USD)      Rating
         1    3              HSBC               Britain    $27.59 billion   AAA
         2    2          Wells Fargo         United States $23.23 billion   AA+
         3    1        Bank of America       United States $22.91 billion   AA+
         4    4           Santander              Spain     $19.97 billion  AAA-
         5    5             Chase            United States $18.96 billion   AA+
         6    9              Citi            United States $18.64 billion   AA+
         7    13       American Express      United States $18.23 billion  AAA-
         8    12         BNP Paribas            France     $16.8 billion    AA+
         9    6            Bradesco             Brazil     $15.69 billion  AAA-
         10   10   China Construction Bank       China     $15.46 billion   AA
         11   8              ICBC                China     $15.16 billion   AA+
         12   7            Barclays             Britain    $13.55 billion   AA+
         13   11             Itaú               Brazil     $13.17 billion   AA
         14   14        Deutsche Bank           Germany    $12.9 billion    AA+
         15   17        Bank of China            China     $12.86 billion   AA-
         16   18         J.P. Morgan         United States $11.6 billion    AA+
         17   19           Sberbank             Russia     $10.77 billion   AA+
         18   23  Agricultural Bank Of China     China     $9.93 billion    A+
         19   16        Goldman Sachs        United States $9.33 billion    AA+
         20   28     Royal Bank Of Canada       Canada     $8.65 billion    AA+

For the complete Brand Finance Banking 500 report and further information,

go to http://www.brandfinance.com

Notes for Editors

First published in 2006, the Brand Finance Banking 500 in association with The Banker
was the first publicly available study analysing the financial value of the world’s top
banking brands. It is published annually and incorporates data from all listed companies
globally. Each brand is accorded a brand rating: a benchmarking study of the strength,
risk and future potential of a brand relative to its competitor set as well as a brand
value: a summary measure of the financial strength of the brand.

The report analyses the market values of brands as intangible financial assets that
drive demand and build business relationships. Brand Finance uses the Royalty Relief
method to analyse the royalties that a corporation would have to pay to license its brand
if it did not own it, thus establishing the cost from which a bank is relieved through
owning its brand.

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