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When it Comes to the Board Room, One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All

February 1, 2012

NEW YORK, Feb. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Grahall, a cutting edge intellectual capital organization, today announced the release of its 2011 Board of Directors Survey and Research Report. The 325 page report, a must-have for C-Suite executives, leverages Grahall’s 30-plus years of consulting to Boards of Directors and provides useful insights into effective Board structures, processes, cultures and talent, thus offering a virtual “seat at the table.” The report is based on a 1000 company representative sample of the approximately 10,000 publicly traded companies in the US, therefore Grahall’s research draws conclusions that are much more typical of companies of all sizes and industries.

The report reveals that there is often a significant disconnect between a companies’ Board governance, rewards and talent management practices and the both the industry phase and company growth stage. More often than not, many Boards don’t adjust their governance or controls to reflect the company’s growth and maturity, thus substantially handicapping the organization’s successful transition through each phase of the growth process.

Matching the Board of Directors governance and rewards with the individual company’s growth stage is highly challenging, but Grahall’s research shows it is worth the time and energy to properly align as the result is a more effective company overall.

“There is no such thing as best practices for Board governance, rewards and talent that work for each and every company over multiple industries,” said Michael Graham, author of the report. “Just like coaches need to adjust their techniques and loosen or tighten their controls as their team grows and matures, the best practice for any organization is the one that fits the level of growth and development of that particular company at that particular stage.”

For a copy of the Executive Summary and Key Findings, as well as to purchase the complete report, please visit www.grahall.com.


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