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Public Launch of the SocialFlow Optimized Publisher Gives Businesses of Any Size the Ability to Maximize the Value of Their Social Media Content

February 7, 2012

NEW YORK, Feb. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — SocialFlow, the leading social media content optimization platform, today announced the public availability of the SocialFlow Optimized Publisher for brands and businesses of all sizes. Using applied mathematics and language analysis to understand audiences, topics, attention and engagement on the real-time social graph, the Optimized Publisher lets businesses know and leverage the precise value of each piece of content they publish. SocialFlow’s powerful optimization technology has helped beta clients such as the Economist, Buzzfeed, New York Public Library, Pepsi and Human Rights Watch make content selection and publishing decisions that have translated into dramatic, sustained growth.

Through unparalleled access to the Twitter and Facebook data streams, SocialFlow’s research team has shown that language, not demographics or so-called “influencer” status, is the best predictor of affinity and action. In internationally recognized studies of millions of social media messages, SocialFlow has offered groundbreaking insight into the spread of information on social networks through the proprietary scoring capability that powers the Optimized Publisher. SocialFlow is able to help businesses grasp the meaning of data on the ever-changing social graph, leading the way to a new perception of the value of language in real time.

“Businesses can’t just rely on crossing their fingers and hoping for the best on social networks like Twitter and Facebook,” said Frank Speiser, CEO and co-founder, SocialFlow. “As the business value of social media has increased, so has the urgency to create intelligent tools that can respond to split-second shifts and growing audiences. SocialFlow’s Optimized Publisher uses the power of predictive analytics and technology to remove the time-consuming guesswork from social media strategies. Now brand managers and publishers can use their time to focus on creating the unique and engaging content their audiences require.”

SocialFlow also announced today a new strategic partnership with Engage121, an enterprise technology provider that will extend SocialFlow’s reach into countless new applications and user bases. Engage121 works with franchises nationwide to stimulate sales and foot traffic to their establishments through a range of social media management tools. Through an integration with the Engage platform, SocialFlow will allow a whole new range of customers to make sure their messages are reaching their audiences at optimal times to return enhanced ROI and engagement.

“Our partnership with SocialFlow will help us ensure that more than four hundred brands, including Tasti D-lite, Edible Arrangements and The Vitamin Shoppe, will be able to extract the greatest value from the content they develop,” said Jon Victor, CEO, Engage121. “Many businesses are moving away from using demographic data to refine their brand messaging and are looking for ways to capture the real-time data offered through social media channels. We are thrilled that we can give our clients a leg-up in this highly competitive and ever-changing landscape with SocialFlow’s Optimized Publisher.”

Inspired to find a better way to publish their own social media content, co-founders Frank Speiser and Mike Perrone began developing the scientific algorithms that would become the foundation for SocialFlow. Through intensive research of real-time data from Twitter, Bitly, Facebook and other sources, they developed the SocialFlow AttentionScore(TM) technology that determines the value of content on the social graph in real time. Once content has been scored, the SocialFlow Optimized Publisher uses the data to accurately determine when an addressable audience is available and in what topics they would most like to engage.

SocialFlow recently released a plug-in for WordPress and a module for Drupal, extending the functionality of two of the most popular and flexible content management systems in the world with the industry’s leading social media optimization technology. No longer will publishers need to post new articles to Twitter and Facebook as a separate step — with the SocialFlow plug-in or module, optimized publishing is a seamless part of their workflow.

SocialFlow is available as a monthly or annual subscription on a self-service basis at www.socialflow.com. For enterprise customers, a full suite of account management and support packages are available.

About SocialFlow Optimized Publisher

The Optimized Publisher is the industry’s first intelligent publishing platform that analyzes real-time audience availability, topical receptivity and potential attention and engagement on the social graph. The Publisher lets businesses know and leverage the precise value of each piece of content they publish using the SocialFlow AttentionScore(TM) technology, which makes the task of maximizing clicks, likes, shares, Retweets, mentions and follower growth scalable and efficient. The Publisher finds and optimizes of-the-moment opportunities for brands and businesses of all sizes and publishes the best Tweet or status update at the best time.

About SocialFlow

SocialFlow is the first social media optimization technology to apply a scientific approach to understanding the real-time value of content on the social graph. With unparalleled access to the Twitter and Facebook data streams, the company developed the SocialFlow AttentionScore(TM) technology that is able to understand and quantify audience, attention, topics and engagement to provide an accurate value assessment of social media content for brands and businesses. This technology powers the company’s Optimized Publisher to help clients extract value from their social media content resulting in increased and sustained growth for companies. Founded in 2009, SocialFlow is home to a world-class research team whose work has been featured in Reuters, the UK Guardian, Fast Company, Xinhua, the Huffington Post, MIT’sTechnology Review, Nieman Journalism Lab, Business Insider, International Business Times, Salon and many others. SocialFlow is based in New York City and services a variety of clients, including the Economist, Pepsi, Forbes, Buzzfeed, New York Public Library and Human Rights Watch.

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