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Fizz Brands Quenches Toy Companies’ Thirst for Branding and Facebook Expertise With Two New Services

February 13, 2012

NEW YORK and ATLANTA, Feb. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — TOY FAIR 2012 – Fizz Brands, a full-service marketing agency that serves entrepreneurial and ambitious companies, announced today it has expanded its extensive list of services with the addition of its new BrandMaker and FANMaker programs. Both new programs complement Fizz Brands’ already robust list of service offerings that are uniquely developed to help toy manufacturers influence buyer behavior, create demand, build customer loyalty and generate revenue.

The new services, tailored specifically for companies in the toy and plush industries, are designed to establish brand positioning and compelling messaging that resonate with consumers, and then create the necessary Facebook social networking community to engage with them on an ongoing basis.

“As a new toy company, it was extremely important for us to establish our brand at the onset, and Fizz Brands was instrumental in helping us pull all the pieces together to create a memorable identity that would connect with and engage consumers,” said Steve Beuerle, co-founder of SnuggleTime. “The Fizz Brands team provided us with the expertise we needed to distinguish our company and its products in the crowded toy marketplace, from creative design to positioning and messaging to social media recommendations. By having a solid brand foundation and strategy in place, we’ve been able to present a strong, consistent corporate ‘persona’ that is reflected across all of our channels and integrated within all our marketing initiatives.”

BrandMaker Well Positions Toy Companies in Battle for Customers

Many start-up toy companies are challenged with how to explain and describe their products in ways that are understandable, compelling and memorable –whether they are communicating with consumers, retailers, partners or investors. The BrandMaker program provides toy companies with the necessary brand positioning to attract and engage these key audiences.

Through the BrandMaker service, Fizz Brands helps toy manufacturers identify product differentiators, establish strong value propositions, and develop clear, concise messaging that can help set them apart in today’s crowded marketplace.

FANMaker Provides the Perfect Formula for Facebook Success

According to a recent report from Nielsen, Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other site. And, consumers are spending increasingly more time on Facebook not only gathering and sharing information about toy products, but also interacting directly with them. Whether a toy company is considering Facebook or has already established a page, FANMaker can help find and engage quality fans by creating an exclusive online community that keeps them coming back and inspires them to spread the word about toy products. The FANMaker service helps toy manufacturers build an effective Facebook Ambassador Network (FAN) that engages customers, grows brand loyalty, manages reputations, and primes the pipeline.

Although each program is tailored to a toy company’s specific needs, FANMaker initiatives may include:

  • Creating, scheduling and tracking compelling content to increase the fan base
  • Integrating online and offline initiatives (trade shows, product launches, store openings, sales, etc.)
  • Developing and managing exclusive incentive campaigns for fans to help drive special Facebook buys and deals for a toy company’s products
  • Generate honest and real-time feedback about a toy company and its products as well as manage negative comments

“So many entrepreneurial companies come up with great ideas for toys, but then they ultimately reach that ‘Now What’ stage,” said Martin Baron, vice president, Fizz Brands. “Our two newest services are designed to take direct aim at helping toy companies in two key areas: building brand and leveraging the social media playground. BrandMaker helps ground toy companies with a recognizable, appealing and unique brand, while FANMaker helps make that brand connection between product and consumer.”

About Fizz Brands

Fizz Brands is an Atlanta-based, full-service agency that gives consumer clients the champagne-cork pop needed to differentiate in a crowded retail marketplace. Founded in 2006, Fizz Brands develops and implements integrated marketing programs spanning brand development, social media, website development and public relations for increasing demand generation and consumer engagement. For more information, visit www.fizzbrands.com.

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