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Top 10 Reasons Dogs are Better than Boyfriends

February 14, 2012

MIAMI, Feb. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Every year at this time a little holiday called Valentine’s Day seems to sneak up on us. For many women, the day is often filled with widespread panic about not having a significant other, or even just a date for the big night. This year, instead of fretting over not having a boyfriend to celebrate with, plan to spend the evening with your loyal pooch! petMD.com has even pulled together the following list of reasons why dogs are better than boyfriends.

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  1. Dogs Never Cheat: They don’t call dogs (wo)man’s best friend for nothing. You’ll never come home to find them canoodling with somebody else. Instead, they’ll be waiting patiently for your return, tail wagging.
  2. Dogs Don’t Care if You Put on a Few Pounds: Hey, the more you weigh, the more of you there is to cuddle with. Bringing us to our next point …
  3. They Love to Cuddle: When was the last time a boyfriend just wanted to spend the evening cuddling? Plus, dogs are cool with public displays of affection. That’s right, your dog is always happy to publicly show others how much he loves you.
  4. The Later You Are, The MORE Excited Your Dog is to See You: Dogs are always happy to see you. But even better, the later you are, the MORE happy they are to see you. Have you ever come home to a boyfriend saying, “You were supposed to be home hours ago. Gosh, I am so happy to see you!” Nope, didn’t think so.
  5. Dogs Never Come Home Drunk: Dogs and alcohol don’t mix, so they won’t go out boozing with the guys until all hours of the night. And they don’t get mad when you come home a little tipsy after drinks with the girls. In fact, they probably find you entertaining.
  6. Dogs Aren’t Threatened If You Earn More: In fact, they kind of expect you to, how else are you going to afford all their kibble?
  7. They Feel Guilty When They Do Something Wrong: Everyone with a dog has come home at some time or another to an expression of guilt on their pup’s face. Boyfriends are much more adept at covering their tracks when they do something wrong.
  8. They Love When Your Friends Come Over: Want to have your friends over for a reality television marathon and gossip session? Most boyfriends would complain, but your dog will see it as an opportunity for more attention!
  9. They Never Complain About Your Cooking: Your dog will happily chow down on whatever food it is you decide to give them. Whether it be dry, wet, store-bought, or home-cooked – dogs will inhale it like it’s the best meal ever created.
  10. You Can Train a Dog: Boyfriends come already ingrained with their own habits, like leaving the toilet seat up or peeing on the seat. And when you voice complaints, they tell you you’re just supposed to love them for who they are – the good and the bad. But you can house train dogs. You can train them to stay off the couch or not to whine, and they’ll just be happy they’re pleasing you!

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