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Real Madrid Opts Again for Desso Artificial Turf Pitches for its Training Centre

February 20, 2012

BRUSSELS, February 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Leading training centre

The training center “Ciudad Real Madrid” is a credit to its name. With its 11 football
pitches and 1,200,000 m2 of accommodation, it is one of the largest training centres in
the world.

In 2005, while building the training centre, Desso was selected to supply the
artificial turf pitches.

The original pitches are being upgraded in 2 stages. The first three Desso pitches
have been in use since early February. The existing pitches will be transferred to schools
and clubs in the area.

Perfect pitches throughout the year

With the training centre, the club aims to create an ideal environment for both the
first 11 under Manager Jose Mourinho, the reserve and youth teams.

To ensure that all of the teams get the training opportunities they require, the club
must have continuous access to pitches that are in perfect condition.

By choosing a combination of natural, hybrid and 100% artificial pitches, all of the
pitches stay in perfect condition regardless of the weather conditions and intensity of
use. The Desso artificial pitches can be used much more intensively than natural grass. In
this way, the other natural grass pitches suffer less and they, too, remain in optimum

Keeping 17 teams satisfied

Paul Burgess, Grounds Manager Real Madrid: “In my time at Arsenal FC, I’d worked on
projects with Desso already and was more than happy to continue that relationship at Real
Madrid. We choose the new Desso iDNA grass. Not only does it provide a great playing
surface, it also helps me to maintain the natural grass pitches in top condition. In this
way, I can keep 17 teams happy.”


Desso Sports Systems is the international specialist in innovative sports fields for
football, rugby and hockey pitches as well as tennis courts and multifunctional fields.
Desso is FIFA Preferred Producer for football turf.

Over time, Desso has installed more than 50 million msquared of pitches at both
amateur and professional clubs all over the world. The hybrid Desso GrassMaster is in
place at some 450 stadia and training centers worldwide, including Wembley and 10 Premier
League clubs.

Desso Sports Systems is part of Desso, which manufactures contract carpeting and
carpet tiles for offices, public buildings, schools, hospitals and airlines.




Source: PR Newswire