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NI Technology Previews Earnings for Brocade, Dell, Anadigics, Analog Devices, and Avago Technologies

February 21, 2012

PRINCETON, N.J., Feb. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Next Inning Technology Research (http://www.nextinning.com), an online investment newsletter focused on semiconductor and technology stocks, has published updated outlooks on Brocade Communications Systems (Nasdaq: BRCD), Dell (Nasdaq: DELL), Anadigics (Nasdaq: ANAD), Analog Devices (NYSE: ADI), and Avago Technologies (Nasdaq: AVGO).

Next Inning readers leverage the insight you can only get from an industry insider. Next Inning editor Paul McWilliams was a tech industry executive for more than two decades. Not only does he know how things work from the inside and how to spot a winning business model, he also has a long and successful record of picking winning stocks. Year to date in 2012 these picks have driven a 25% gain for the Next Inning Model Portfolio. Since its inception in 2002, the model portfolio is up over 300%.

McWilliams’ latest reports have the tech world buzzing. Recently, he covered Apple suppliers most likely to leverage the tech giant’s huge success, while warning investors about selected companies that may not always be able to count on Apple’s business. McWilliams has also put out a new report covering a massive, potentially paradigm-shifting project by Google that will see the search giant roll out ultra-fast internet service, making winners out of select suppliers and posing a big threat to incumbent firms. These reports are essential reading, unavailable except via free trial subscription to Next Inning.

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McWilliams covers these topics and more in his recent reports:

– On July 11, 2011, McWilliams wrote that readers should avoid Brocade at its then current price of $6. Only a few weeks later, Brocade fell off the table to hit a low of $3.18. More recently Brocade has rebounded to trade in the $5s driven by yet another rumor that the company will be acquired. Does McWilliams think someone will in fact acquire Brocade this time? Does Brocade have the balance sheet and technical resources to keep pace with the architectural changes in the switching or routing markets, or is the company poised to lose market share to Cisco and Juniper Networks.

– What caused Dell’s business model to “break” in 2006? What has Dell done since then to develop a new business model and how does it differ from the company’s roots? What caused McWilliams to suggest selling Dell in April 2010 at $17 and then flip to calling it a buy only a few months later when the stock dipped to $12? What caused Wall Street to sell off Dell following its last two earnings reports and why did McWilliams reiterate his call to buy? What does McWilliams see in store for Dell’s future and what does he see as a reasonable price target for 2012?

– In December, McWilliams issued a report to Next Inning subscribers that selected a group of RF semiconductor stocks as his top picks for 2012. So far, this group of stocks is up 37%. Anadigics, which was McWilliams’ favorite speculative investment from the group, is up a whopping 52%. Is McWilliams expecting further gains for Anadigics? What important milestone is Anadigics poised to reach this year that may rekindle Wall Street’s interest in the stock?

– Why does McWilliams view Analog Devices as a good strategic investment? Is he expecting the company to raise its generous dividend in 2012? Is a considerable amount of anticipation already built into price of Analog Devices shares? What is McWilliams’ three- to six-month price target range for the stock?

– What sets Avago apart from other RF semiconductor stocks? Does McWilliams expect Avago’s upcoming earnings report to include upside from its design win in Apple’s iPhone 4S? Does McWilliams think it’s time to hedge risks with Avago? What hedging strategy does he think would be best?

Founded in September 2002, Next Inning’s model portfolio has returned 307% since its inception versus 50% for the S&P 500.

About Next Inning:

Next Inning is a subscription-based investment newsletter that provides regular coverage on more than 150 technology and semiconductor stocks. Subscribers receive intra-day analysis, commentary and recommendations, as well as access to monthly semiconductor sales analysis, regular Special Reports, and the Next Inning model portfolio. Editor Paul McWilliams is a 30+ year semiconductor industry veteran.

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