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Doro Enters the Smart World

February 27, 2012

LUND, Sweden, February 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Doro, European market leader in easy-to-use mobile phones, today reveals it’s entering
the smart device and application market. The Swedish company is launching its smart
strategy and previewing new products at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The Doro Experience(R)

Doro has developed the Doro Experience(R) – and intends to make it the benchmark for
all easy-to-use Android mobile applications and Windows PC services developed specifically
for seniors. Doro Experience can be installed onto any smart device to make it
easy-to-use. Itcombines a straightforward user interface, a web-based management portal
and selection of applications for seniors.

1. The Doro Experience(R)user interface provides a ‘fuss-free’ experience with
well-spaced, large and clear icons. Doro has taken its knowledge of the senior mobile user
and applied this to applications and smart devices. Doro’s is bridging the digital divide
faced by seniors.

2. The Doro Experience(R)Manager is a web-based management portal enabling the user,
their family and friends, to remotely manage content and applications on the device.
Thanks to this cloud-based technology, digital content including photos and applications
can seamlessly be pushed onto or removed from the device. This has been developed to
reduce isolation and to improve communication between generations.

3. The Doro Selection provides a recommended choice of applications for users. It
includes a limited number of both Doro and third party applications for download. One of
Doro’s applications enables seniors to access Facebook content. Allowing all ages of
mobile user to automatically push Facebook content, such as status updates and
photographs, directly to seniors who have devices with the Doro Experience(R).

Doro Experience(R) will be available for license by third party device manufacturers
from spring 2012.

Doro showcases its first 3G smart phone

Doro’s first mobile phone to feature Doro Experience(R) is the Doro PhoneEasy(R) 740
android 3G slider – to be launched globally this summer. It has a touchscreen and a large,
well-spaced keypad – providing choice and familiarity to the user.

Jerome Arnaud, CEO commented: “This week is a milestone in our story. The Doro
Experience(R) is a significant step in the direction of our offering. We continue to adapt
to the evolving needs of seniors, which is overall becoming more tech savvy. We’ve applied
our extensive knowledge of seniors to our smart devices and applications – so customers
will continue to enjoy a brilliantly simple Doro experience.”

About Doro

Doro, the leader in the telecom care market is a Swedish public company. With 38 years
of experience in the telecom industry, Doro focuses on developing, marketing and selling
products, software, TeleCare and mHealth solutions adapted to the growing worldwide
population of seniors. Doro’s easy-to-use mobile phones is unmatched and its unique
know-how has been recognized through international design awards. Doro’s products are sold
in more than 30 countries on five continents. In FY 2011 revenue totalled SEK 745m. Doro’s
shares are quoted on the OMX Nasdaq Stockholm exchange, Nordic list, Small companies.


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