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Bullies Beware! ‘The Bullying Academy’ Has Retained TransMedia Group to Get You Some Negative Publicity

March 5, 2012

BOCA RATON, Fla., March 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The Bullying Academy(TM) (www.bullyingacademy.org), an online anti-bullying program, has retained TransMedia Group to publicize how effectively it’s helping schoolchildren protect themselves from bullies.

TransMedia (www.transmediagroup.com) said it will publicize how successful the Bullying Academy is in helping students and educators recognize and avoid the dangers of bullying and cyber bullying.

“TransMedia will assist us in spreading our primary message, which is informing students about preventative measures as well as proper responses to incidents of harassment. We are trying to empower students with the right information before bullying becomes a serious issue in their lives,” said Tommy Walser, Executive Director of “Students In the Know” (SITK) and founder of The Bullying Academy.

Students In The Know (SITK) is a non-profit created to educate students regarding current issues affecting youth, in an effort to improve the future quality of life in communities across the country.

“The Bullying Academy program encourages the development of effective communication strategies between students and adults in their lives. Establishing open communication is vital to preventing worst case scenarios, which come in the form of tragic suicides among its most vulnerable young victims,” he added.

“Our publicity will inform school communities that The Bullying Academy is a remarkably effective program backed up by data, which can be compared by class, school, or district to monitor effectiveness of bullying prevention education in the classroom,” said Tom Madden, CEO and Founder of TransMedia Group.

“This data is crucially important in ensuring students are actually learning from their participation in our concerted educational effort to help students recognize and protect themselves from bullies,” he said. “Our publicity will not only spread awareness of The Bullying Academy’s program, but will cast bullies themselves in the negative spotlight so they can reevaluate their decisions by recognizing how harmful their actions can be.”

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