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WiMP Launches on Sonos

March 7, 2012

OSLO, Norway, March 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Music streaming service WiMP launches today for users of the Sonos Wireless HiFi
System in Scandinavia. WiMP for Sonos contains the entire editorial content of WiMP,
making it even easier to listen to music in high quality everywhere in the house.

WiMP was the first music service worldwide that ran in beta in the new Sonos Labs,
from December last year, and has already proved a success as a significant amount of users
are already running WiMP on Sonos and listening to a large amount of music in their homes.

“We are very excited to make WiMP available to our customers in Scandinavia – their
focus on sound quality and the extensive editorial content and features make WiMP an
excellent partner for Sonos,” says Ian Barnett of Sonos Scandinavia.

Sonos users with the service can easily browse the entire editorial content of WiMP
with everything from pre-made playlists for all occasions, recommended songs and albums,
news, top lists, album lists and favorites. It has never been easier to play music
wirelessly in real HiFi quality at home!

“The combination of WiMP and Sonos allows users a much richer musical experience in
their homes. With the editorial tips and recommendations from WiMP easily available in
every room through Sonos, the whole family can experience the music of their choice,” says
Per Einar Dybvik in WiMP.

With WiMP for Sonos, users can listen to music without having the computer up and
running, and with Sonos Wireless HiFi System it is also easy to play music in several
rooms. The system can be controlled using free Controller apps for iPhone, iPad and
Adroid. You first choose which room you want to use, then the music discovery can start.

As of today, WiMP is available in the “More Music” menu on any Sonos Controller, no
update is required. Sonos users who do not have WiMP already can register on wimp.no
[http://media.ne.cision.com/l/hqsowoeh/wimp.no ], wimp.dk
[http://media.ne.cision.com/l/hqsowoeh/wimp.dk ] or wimpmusic.se
[http://media.ne.cision.com/l/hqsowoeh/wimpmusic.se ], where they also get 30 days free use
of the service. WiMP costs 99 kronor per month.

WiMP is growing rapidly and has over 350,000 paying customers in four countries, up
from 100 000 at the beginning of 2011. WiMP is available in Norway, Sweden and Denmark,
Germany in beta and in Portugal under a different trademark. WiMP prepares launches in
several new markets. WiMP focuses on helping users find their way in the vast music
library with millions of songs. WiMP was in July ranked the best music service globally at
the Meffy Awards in London.

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[http://media.ne.cision.com/l/hqsowoeh/media.ne.cision.com/wpyfs/00/00/00/00/00/17/67/03/WiMP_sonos_banner.jpg ]

Aspiro in Brief

Aspiro has unique positioning as the world’s only provider of complete TV and music
streaming services for partners that want to put their own branding on the service. Aspiro
also provides the music streaming service WiMP directly to consumers on selected markets.
Aspiro has over ten years’ experience in mobile technology and retail in northern Europe,
and delivers services to partners worldwide like Deutsche Telekom, Telenor, 3,
TeliaSonera, the BBC, Entel and Canal Digital. Aspiro is listed on Nasdaq OMX Nordic
Exchange Stockholm.

For more information contact: Kristin Castillo Eldnes, Head of Corporate communication
and IR Aspiro, tel. +47-90807389, kristin.eldnes@aspiro.com

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Source: PR Newswire