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FanCake Debuts as First Live Social Gaming Experience for Sports Watching, Celebrates March Madness Tournament

March 14, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, March 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Kwarter, a mobile application factory building apps that lie at the intersection of the social, mobile and TV spaces, announced today the launch of its first app, FanCake. FanCake turns live televised sporting events into interactive and social games, connecting millions of sports fans, teams, broadcasters, brands and athletes to enhance the game watching experience.

As the first live mobile and social gaming experience for sports fans, FanCake is a free iOS app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, which enables fans and viewers to participate in televised sports by competing with and against one another, showcasing their sports knowledge, and socializing with Facebook friends and fellow fans – all based on the action on TV.

With the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament kicking off Thursday, FanCake will include all 67 games of the annual March Madness event and host a live, in-app tournament. Fans can play along while watching each game and compete for medals, trophies and win social challenges.

Revolutionizing the Way Fans Watch Sports

FanCake builds game-watching communities to connect sports fans, brands, broadcasters and athletes to enhance the game watching experience. It’s the first app to add a fun, social, and rewarding game layer on top of live sporting events.


  • Choose a game and instantly play along, compete against and connect with Facebook friends and other fans watching the game
  • Win rewards and trophies as you build your FanCard
  • Predict the outcome of the next play
  • Select from numerous professional and collegiate leagues and teams
  • iPhone, iPod touch and iPad compatibility

“Sports are an inherently social and competitive activity, and FanCake enhances the game-watching experience by adding a game layer around the game’s actual events, players, history and milestones,” said Kwarter CEO Carlos Diaz. “FanCake will revolutionize how fans interact with live televised events, and enable them to not only watch, but play along with the game as well.”

FanCake is unique from any other sports applications because it enables all viewers, sports enthusiasts and casual fans or onlookers to play along with FanCake and enhance their viewing experience.

To download the FanCake app on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone,
visit http://bit.ly/getFanCake.
For more information on Kwarter, go to www.kwarter.com.

About FanCake
FanCake makes watching televised sports more fun, social and rewarding. The social app is the first live social and mobile game that enables millions of sports watchers to participate in televised sporting events by competing against one another, showcasing sports knowledge and socializing with Facebook friends and fellow fans – all based on the action on TV. FanCake’s game-watching communities connect millions of fans, brands, broadcasters and athletes. More information here: www.kwarter.com/fancake.

About Kwarter
Kwarter is a mobile application factory that builds rich, immersive apps that lie at the intersection of the social engagement, mobile and television spaces. Headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., Kwarter was founded in 2011 and develops fun, interactive, social and unique mobile experiences on the iOS platform. More information here: www.kwarter.com

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