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On World Water Day, the We Are Water Foundation Warns That “We eat More Water Than we Drink”

March 20, 2012

DUBAI, UAE, March 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

March 22, World Water Day – United Nations

        - According to the United Nations, the adequate management of water
          resources is key to assuring adequate nourishment before the growing demand of the
          world population.
        - The majority of the water we consume is incorporated in food. To make a kilo
          of rice, we need 2,450 liters of water.
        - The We Are Water Foundation collaborates to create awareness on the need to
          make good use of this resource and creates an application that calculates the amount
          of water necessary to produce a food or its Water Print.

Every year, on March 22, the World Water Day is decreed by the UNO which, in the 2012
edition, deals with water and food safety. More than 1 billion people lack a basic supply
of water and 1.5 million children die every year due to illnesses caused by non-drinkable
and contaminated water.

According to Xavier Torras, director of the We Are Water Foundation, “The majority of
the water that we use as humans is in the food we eat. Each day, a person can drink 3
liters of water, but to produce a plate of paste, we need 1,025 liters of water and for a
kilo of rice, almost 2,450 liters”. These are two examples of the amount of water
necessary to produce food. A resource that is not available in many places around the

That is why the Foundation wishes to emphasize how important it is to ensure access to
this vital resource. To this end, the Foundation has sought the support of Carlos Jimenez
Renjifo, who is the responsible in Spain of the UN Information Center for Western Europe
(UNRIC), which has warned about the need to look for joint solutions to face this problem.
“In 2012, the world population has reached 7 billion inhabitants and it is estimated that
within three decades we could reach 9 billion. Therefore, the water needs for the growing
demand of food production, or in other words, the power to guarantee sustainable
nourishment for a large part of the planet, will be one of the principal problems that we
will face”.

We eat more water than we drink: APP “We Eat Water”

With the objective of increasing awareness promoted by the United Nations, the We Are
Water Foundation has launched a campaign with the slogan, “We eat more water than we
drink”, and has created the application for Smartphones, “We Eat Water”.

This application includes recipes coming from different countries and each recipe
specifies the Water Print for the dish. The Water Print adds up all the water necessary,
not only to cook the recipe, but also the water used to produce the food. For example, to
make simple Chinese “wonton”, 5,804 liters of water are used.

The “We Eat Water” application has a symbolic cost of 0.79 Euros (almost 4 AED) that
is designated to funding the 4 aid projects that the We Are Water Foundation has put into
place this 2012 in collaboration with organizations like Unicef, Fundacion Vicente Ferrer,
Oxfam or Educacion sin Fronteras.

The We Are Water Foundation, a Roca initiative, is taking advantage of the
bathroom-fixtures company’s presence with branches throughout the world to carry out
various informational and awareness-raising actions for World Water Day.

In the Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the main initiative is an awareness-raising
premium branding at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo to announce the amount of water
required for making a plate of paste (1,025 liters) as well as the screening (at Reel
Cinemas in Dubai Mall at 5pm on March 22nd) of the documentary “Aral. The Lost Sea” by
filmmaker Isabel Coixet and produced with collaboration of Sir Ben Kingsley and Tim

Among the confirmed attendees of the Awareness-Raising Event are H.E. Saeed Mohamed Al
Tayer, Managing Director of DEWA, H.E. Eng. Hussain Naser Lootah, Managing Director of
Dubai Municipality, Mr. Hamdan Khalifa Al Shaer, Director of Environmental Department,
Dubai Municipality, as well as Deans and Heads of Faculties of distinguished universities
in the UAE like Zayed University, American University of Sharjah, American University in
Dubai and Al Ghurair University, Architects and Interior Designers from institutions like
The American Institute of Architects (AIA), Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA),
Association of Professional Interior Designers (APID) and members of the Emirates Green
Building Council (EGBC) and the UAE Business Council for Sustainable Development.

March 22nd 2012 marks the start of the CSR Partnership between We Are Water
Foundation/Roca Loves the Planet and the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. At the “We Are
Water” information kiosk at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, We Are Water volunteers
will hand out flyers which aim to raise awareness among the visitors about the
relationship between water and food.

Gordon White, General Manager, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, said: “Strengthening
awareness about the aquatic environment and offering an overview of aquatic diversity is
one of the core goals of Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Our support to the initiative by
We Are Water Foundation to highlight the important of water use efficiency and management
underlines our commitment to focusing the attention of our visitors on environmental

Victor Schoone, Country Manager of Roca Sanitario, S.A. – Representation Office Middle
East-, said: “We Are Water is part of our commitment with sustainability and with the
communities most affected by the lack of water and its consequences. We aim to become a
referent in the management of environmental issues and sustainable development, especially
in everything related to water. We hope to contribute to a more sustainable society
through new collaborations with DEWA, Dubai Municipality and with the academic world.”

On the 2012 World Water Day – United Nations – We Are Water Foundation launches a
Student Design Contest which requests students of Art, Interior Design & Architecture
faculties in the UAE to design an A3 Poster on the relationship between Food and Water.
Likewise, We Are Water Foundation informs about the competition ‘We Art Water Film
Festival’ which allows students from around the world to produce a 1-3 minutes video which
can be submitted in 3 different formats (http://www.wearewater.org/en/festival):

        - Micro-documentary. Demonstrate your talent for synthesis and your
          narrative skill in telling a story, whether real or fictional.
        - Animation. These days, animation techniques cross over into illustration, from
          basic stop-motion to cutting-edge 3D. There are more options available than ever
          before, and they're all valid.
        - Mobile. The most modern category is also the freest; the only requirement is
          that the story be recorded using a mobile device.

The Dubai initiative is a local action of the We Are Water Foundation, and is
coordinated alongside the actions taking place in 14 other countries.

In locations such as London, Rome, and Prague the company will hold an
awareness-raising event for the proper use of water from public sources in every city. For
this, a poster will be installed near the fountains in, for example, Piazza di Spagna in
Rome which compares the amount of water required for making a common food item (such as a
hamburger or a dish of pasta) to that contained in the fountain.

In other locations, such as Barcelona, Madrid, Sofia, Lisbon, and Sao Paolo, the
actions will revolve around the Roca Galleries, which will be showing projections, holding
press conferences, and hosting other events in celebration of the day.

About “Aral. The Lost Sea” by Isabel Coixet

“Aral. The Lost Sea”, by Isabel Coixet, documents the dramatic shrinkage process of
the Aral Sea, an inland sea in the heart of Central Asia. It is the first activity
sponsored by the We Are Water Foundation. This documentary narrates the dramatic drying
process undergoing the Aral Sea, one of the world’s greatest environmental catastrophes.
Sir Ben Kingsley participates in the film as narrator and Tim Robbins has handed over a
song composed by him to be used in the documentary soundtrack. According to Isabel Coixet
“The Aral Sea is just one of the many examples of ecological disasters in this planet. The
support of We Are Water will contribute to the international distribution of the
documentary and it will make us reflect about the effects of the wrong management of this
limited resource. We Are Water provides an opportunity to raise our consciousness that
water is crucial for economic development, but it is not accessible to all”. “Aral. The
Lost Sea” was official presented at the San Sebastian International Film Festival on the
21st of September.

About We Are Water

The We Are Water Foundation has two fundamental objectives. The first is to make
public opinion and institutions aware and reflect on the need to create a new water
culture that allows fair development and sustainable management of the water resources in
the world. The second is the realization of all kinds of actions designated to fighting
the negative effects of the lack of adequate water resources. The action areas of the We
Are Water Foundation include the intervention in infrastructures, education, health and
investigation in the neediest areas of the planet.

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