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Argos North Sea Group to Enhance European Position

March 30, 2012

ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands, March 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

– Cycling Team Puts Argos Brand on the International Map

Argos North Sea Group (Argos) today announced that it will be the new main sponsor of
the 1t4i cycling team for the next three years, to enhance the realization of its European
growth ambitions. As of today, this professional cycling team will be named Team
Argos-Shimano. In a press conference at Argos’ headquarters in the port of Rotterdam the
new corporate strategy was launched. The cycling team was present in their new outfit. By
sponsoring this team that will participate in the main cycling events, Argos wants to
firmly put its brand name on the European map.

Growth strategy

Since Argos merged with North Sea Group earlier this year it is the largest
independent player in the Western European oil and energy market. The company already has
a strong foothold in the professional market for oil and gas products but wants to grow
strongly in the coming years. Also, the company is putting a lot of effort into renewable
and sustainable energy products such as biofuels. At the core of Argos’ growth strategy
are France, Germany, Switzerland and the Benelux countries. In these markets, the company
wants to offer a wide range of products and services to consumers by means of a network of

Allround energy provider

Peter Goedvolk, founder of Argos and CEO of Argos North Sea Group: ‘We are all working
hard to transform from an oil company into an all-round energy provider. For this, we are
thinking far beyond oil products. In the near future, we also want to provide electricity
and gas to European households. Especially in those countries where Argos is or wants to
be active, cycling is an incredibly popular sports. Therefore, I am convinced that
sponsoring this talented and ambitious cycling team is the best way to draw European
consumers’ attention to the Argos brand and thereby realize our growth ambitions better
and quicker.’

Project 1t4i renamed into Team Argos-Shimano

Jan Dirks, Director Branded Sales & Marketing Europe: ‘We have decided to sponsor this
team because Argos and 1t4i have a lot in common. Both the team and us are relatively new
kids on the block, operating in a mature environment. We both are very ambitious, we want
to be leading in Europe by challenging established competitors with innovative concepts.
And we both have the courage to stand out from the crowd.’

Iwan Spekenbrink, managing director and owner of project 1t4i-: ‘I am very happy that
I can finally mention the name of our new main sponsor. The entire team is awfully proud
that we have succeeded in committing a European multinational who will enable us to
develop further in the coming years. Moreover, we find it very important that Argos
wholeheartedly underwrites our team’s core values; Team spirit (1t), Inspiration,
Integrity, Improvement and Innovation (4i’s).’

About Argos North Sea Group

Argos North Sea Group is the largest independent player in the Western European
mineral oil and energy market. The company is active in all segments of the oil and fuel
related supply chain. The annual turnover exceeds EUR 11 billion. Argos North Sea Group
services the entire value chain, from producer to consumer. Approximately 1000 employees
are globally active in more than 25 countries. The core countries for Argos North Sea
Group’s operations are The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, France and
Switzerland. Outside Europe, the company is active in Brazil, Singapore and China.

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