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Baoying County Guanmei Glass Art Co. Ltd to Attend 2012 Canton Fairs and Hong Kong Gifts Fair

April 2, 2012

YANGZHOU, China, April 2, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Baoying County Guanmei Glass Art Co. Ltd, a leading producer and innovator in the field of specialized glass handicraft products, has announced they will attend the Canton spring and autumn fairs in 2012. Attendance at 2012′s Canton fairs will promote market competitiveness and brand recognition for the company. In addition, from April 2012, Guanmei Glass will also attend the Hong Kong Gifts Fair, and from November to the beginning of the new year, will visit Europe and America to further research and development by cultivating the latest information in specialized glass products.

New products currently due for exhibition and created to meet market demand include wedding decorations, LED timer ornaments, LED telecontrol products and LED magnetomotive artwork.

Guanmei Glass is currently developing a decoration dubbed the eight-sound-harp merry-go-round that will be put on the market in October of this year. For protection of achievements in research and development the company has applied for a patent. In 2010 Guanmei obtained the patent for their utility model of optical fiber wings.

Guanmei’s products are of high quality, and are developed to meet the explicit needs of the market. Sales and marketing for the company increased 40% in 2011 compared to 2010, with patent-pending product sales growth seeing an increase of 200% compared to 2010. General Manager, Jerry, together with all staff, warmly welcome other companies to establish long-term friendly cooperative relations with Guanmei Glass in the interests of common development.

About Baoying County Guanmei Glass Art Co. Ltd

Baoying County Guanmei Glass Art Co. Ltd was set up on the 25th of June 2003. The company has an area of 12,600 square meters and a building area of 7,200 square meters, maintaining two standard workshops and an office building. Existing staff currently total more than 180. The company, specializing in glass handicraft products research and development, production and sales, is a growing enterprise with a registered capital of 15 million Yuan. The company creates high quality products, maintains an enterprising team of individuals and fosters the common values of enterprise, team spirit, practicality, efficiency, bold innovation and the ethic of “quality first”.

Media Contact: Jerry, +86-514-88809698

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