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Dance Legend Hits the Dance Floor on Mobile Devices Worldwide

April 3, 2012

SANTA MONICA, Calif., April 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — TuneWiki is excited to announce a breakthrough dancing game now available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Dance Legend is the first mobile game that allows players to execute real dance moves (with their thumbs) through their phones and tablets with steps like the “Dougie,” the “Kid and Play,” the “Running Man,” and the “Moonwalk.” Loaded with four free songs and over 22 other songs available for download, the music in Dance Legend has everything from the major hits of LMFAO, Dev, and Lady Gaga, to the hot dance tracks of Felguk, Ming and more. Planned after the launch of the game, weekly content updates will be released from artists such as Jason Derulo and M.I.A. In addition, fans can request the songs they want in the game through Dance Legend’s Facebook page.

Dance Legend is the first real dance experience made for smartphones and tablets,” said Larry Goldberg, CEO of TuneWiki. “We worked hard to deliver an original and fun game with a great mix of dance tracks. All of our products foster a deeper interaction with music, and with Dance Legend music fans can now let their fingers do the dancing.”

Wade Metzler, Head of Music Affairs at TuneWiki, added, “The setlist of songs we’re building combines the most popular music of today, some old school favorites and songs that showcase new and rising DJs.”

Using a variety of patterns, gestures and swipes on mobile touch screens, players can master choreographed routines while customizing their avatars with items that can be purchased with in-game currency. By tracking scores via GPS, players will be able to test their skills against some of the best “dancers” the world has to offer. The “Kick it Up” mode is a dynamic difficulty system that rewards fans with more challenging dance moves, bigger scores, special effects and high intensity game environments.

Dance Legend is a free app and is now available on iTunes and Google Play.

About TuneWiki:
TuneWiki builds music-based products that inspire people to experience, understand, and share the lyrics and music they love. Its award winning Social Music Player is the only place music fans can sing along to their favorite songs and share lyrics. Every day fans use the player to listen to their music while viewing scrolling lyrics, talk about the songs they listen to, dedicate songs they love to their friends on social networks, and connect with other fans of their favorite artists. Lyric Legend and Lyric Legend 2, TuneWiki’s best-selling mobile music games, offer another fun and engaging way to interact with lyrics for the biggest hits in music. Founded in 2007, the company has offices in California and Ohio. To learn more, visit www.tunewiki.com.

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