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Fifteen Phrases to Help You Have a Good Time in Greece

April 10, 2012

LONDON, April 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

When planning a trip to Greece it’s important to learn a few phrases to make sure your
holiday runs as smoothly as possible. Preparing for all eventualities with key phrases
will enable you to enjoy yourself, knowing that you can ask for assistance if you need it.

Many tourist information sites will give you the generic phrases such as ‘hello’,
‘goodbye’ or ‘how are you’? However, along with these, we’ve found others that we believe
are essential for any young person or family travelling to this popular destination!

Lads and Girls Holidays

Greece holidays [http://www.cosmos.co.uk/greece/holidays ] of partying and fun usually
lead to some embarrassing situations, so here are a few phrases to help should you become
unstuck, or simply want to order a round without having to play a game of charades.

Two Beers Please – Dhio birres, parakalo

For more than two use the numbers in ascending order of, tria, tesserae, pente, eski
and so on or simply hold up a number of fingers and toes.

In Your Face – sta moutra sou

This is definitely one for the boys

Stop Teasing Me -ta kouvadakia sou kie salli paralia

This is a flirting phrase used by women to show they are actually enjoying being the
subject of ridicule.You can then progress to asking…

What would you like to drink? – ti tha piite …?

Can you help me? – Borite na me voithisete?

We envisage this to be invaluable on a stag do, along with…

Where am I?/Where are we? – poo’ i’me? poo’ i’maste?

Family Holidays

Where is the toilet? – pu íne i tualéta?

Anyone with potty training toddlers will appreciate this phrase!

I need a doctor – Kryazome ena ghiatro

Although hopefully never needed, it’s comforting to know you know how to ask, many
package holidays [http://www.cosmos.co.uk/holidays ] will include a doctor on site,
however knowing how to ask for him is a different matter entirely!

I am a vegetarian -Eemai chorto ‘fagos

This is for those who have teenage daughters that are exploring a trend, or are quite
simply vegetarian, as varied food on package holidays can be deceiving as well as

My hovercraft is full of eels -To hóverkráft mu íne gemáto hélia

We thought this may be useful if one of you little ones fancies himself as a Dennis
the Menace

Couples Holidays

This gentleman will pay for everything -O kírios tha plirósi giá óla

Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to say this in English a few times a week?

I love you – S’agapó

Greek is such a romantic language it would be a shame not to use it on your partner on
your Greek holiday followed by…

Would you like to dance with me? -thélis na horépsis mazí mu?

I would like to order a table for two tonight, 8pm – Tha ithela na kliso trapeze gia
dio, okto iora.

Of course, on a couple’s Greek holiday this will be used frequently.

The bill please! – To logariasmo, parakalo!

For when you would like to escape the public eye and return to the couples retreat!

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