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Comutel Enables the First DVB-T2 Project in the Region

April 12, 2012

BELGRADE, Serbia, April 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

COMUTEL, a regional leader in video and content delivery solutions and service
infrastructure for live TV and video on demand (VOD), announced today that ETV – a
national broadcasting agency in Serbia, started broadcasting its services on March 21st
using DVB-T2 technology, first in the region.

DVB-T2 is the second generation of digital terrestrial television and will open new
opportunities in high definition and standard definition TV via antenna. It is the most
advanced digital terrestrial system (DTT) and is 50% more efficient than any other DTT
system in the world. DVB-T2 also supports single frequency network (SFN) operation, where
neighboring transmitters can use the same channels, thus covering the planned areas with a
network of low-powered, synchronized SFN transmitters.

The engineering team of the Comutel, a Serbian company – part of the Telelink group,
introduced the first DVB-T2 digital signal in Serbia and the region as well. The result is
a reliable HD&SD coverage, achieved in less than eight months from the planning stage to
implementation of the service. Special feature is reliable and failure-proof IP-only video
network design which will provide seamless switchover in the network and provide high
availability of the service. All critical functional components of the system are
redundant, and a combination of a network and video high-availability techniques provides
a robust and reliable system.

“This network is big step forward for us and represents a masterpiece of engineering
that will enable reliable and high quality digital signal distribution to more than 40% of
population in Serbia in this initial phase, which so far was able to receive only analog
TV signals, sometimes with interference and low quality”, said Vladimir Homan, general
manager of ETV, national broadcasting agency in Serbia, which will operate DVB-T2 network.

“It is once in a lifetime opportunity for a company to take over national DVB-T2
headenddesign and commissioning, and we are very happy that our customer, ETV,is satisfied
with work that we performed in this project”, said Miodrag Radulovic, general manager of

Successful implementation of these cutting edge technologies confirms once again
Comutel as a region leader in deploying video services and shows high level of expertise
of a Comutel’s engineering team.

For more information, please visit http://www.comutel.co.rs

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