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Accessible Archives Adds The Lily to Its Database Collection

April 18, 2012

MALVERN, Pa., April 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Accessible Archives, Inc.®, a publisher of electronic full-text searchable historical databases, has announced the imminent availability of The Lily, the first newspaper published for women in the United States.

The Lily takes its place as the ninth database compiled by Accessible Archives. Under the editorship of Amelia Bloomer it was first published in Seneca Falls, New York 1849-1853, and later in Mount Vernon, Ohio 1854-1856, eventually attaining a national circulation of over 6,000. Priced at 50 cents a year, The Lily began as a temperance journal for “home distribution” among members of the Seneca Falls Ladies Temperance Society, which had formed in 1848. It was not at first a radical paper, its editorial stance conforming to the emerging stereotype of women as “defenders of the home.”

While The Lily always maintained its focus on temperance – fillers often told horror stories about the effects of alcohol – the newspaper soon began to include articles about other subjects of interest to women, many from the pen of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Stanton’s earliest articles dealt with temperance, child-bearing and education, but she soon turned to the issue of women’s rights, writing about laws unfair to women and demanding change. Bloomer’s name also became associated with an unusual pants-and-tunic outfit that came to be known as the “Bloomer costume” because she wrote illustrated articles about it in The Lily and wore the costume herself.

Tom Nagy, Accessible Archives COO, discussed the new database: “Our decision to make The Lily available was influenced by requests from customers already accessing our database Godey’s Lady’s Book. The Lily‘s local and national focus on both temperance and women’s rights provides a unique complement to our other databases.”

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