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Fire Watch from Fire Protection Group: Not Cause For Alarm

April 18, 2012

LOS ANGELES, April 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — It’s 3:00 am on a location movie shoot in Los Angeles (we can’t say which one). The director is coaching exhausted actors. Working in the field is taking its toll on the crew. Gaffers run cables and reconfigure the lights for the tenth time tonight. Every worker has a hundred important things on their mind, and fire safety may not be among them. Worse still, the heat from those lights would trigger the fire sprinkler systems, so they’ve all been shut off. This hot, crowded space is vulnerable to fire hazards, in theory. You might think they’re blithe and carefree because that’s how “Showbiz” types are, but this film set is actually quite safe, and fully in compliance with fire law. They’ve hired Fire Protection Group, Inc. to stand by, meaning safety is taken care of, and other worries can take precedent.

Fire Watch from Fire Protection Group, Inc. is a measure that’s available from Fire Protection Group in the event that fire protection systems have to be turned off, whether for repairs or unusual circumstances like a film shoot. While it’s crucial to keep continuity, and make sure that fire danger is mitigated by other means, starting the second a sprinkler system, fire pump, or other aspect of a fire system is shut down.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. makes 24 hour fire protection possible by maintaining vigilance in the name of your safety, keeping watch round the clock. A fire truck is parked in an unobtrusive location, crewed at all times by two field agents working in eight hour shifts, three shifts a day. These dedicated and highly trained professionals are ready to step in at a moment’s notice the second a fire danger is present, and to stand aside and let you work as long as everything is okay. Giving you peace of mind while complying with code is their job; giving you headaches is not.

George Saadian, general manager and chief engineer at Fire Protection Group, Inc. speaks about matters of safety and practicality when he talks about the film shoot. At one point, asked if anything interesting happened on the Hollywood set, he reports simply, “When you know how to do your job, nothing interesting happens.” Coming from a fire protection professional, those are comforting words indeed.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. remains the premier fire protection services contractor in Southern California, offering services in the Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange County areas. For the installation and maintenance of a fire sprinkler system, fire pump, hydrant, alarm system or any other aspect of fire protection including inspection and Title 19 issues, Fire Protection Group, Inc. is the go-to company.

For more information on the range of services at Fire Protection Group, Inc., contact them today, or check out www.firesprinkler.com

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