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Aleksandr Orlov Urges Facebook Fans To Help Sergei Get Better With New Card App

April 23, 2012

LONDON, April 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Aleksandr Orlov, founder of comparethemeerkat.com [http://www.comparethemeerkat.com ],
the world’s leading meerkat comparison website, is trying a new tack to help his loyal
Head of IT Sergei get better.

Aleksandr pleads with the people of the United Kingdom to help “I have try and do
everything I can to help Sergei get better after he end up in hospital after
comparethemarket.com compare credit card, but nothing I do seem to work. Then I have brain
waving’s. I create-state-of-the-arts Facebook application where you can make Sergei a
thrillsy get well soon card. How excite. Please spare moment and make Sergei a card. It
will only take a minute.”

Fans who want Sergei to get better will be given the chance to create their very own
personalised card for Sergei and give him a gift via Aleksandrs Facebook page here:


This activity is the latest action Aleksandr has taken to remind viewers to visit the
correct website as the non-stop work of unclogging credit card comparisons continues to
take its toll on Sergei. So for the sake of Sergei, people should visit
comparethemarket.com [http://www.comparethemarket.com/credit-cards ] and see just how much
they could save by switching credit cards. Plus get a credit card or loan via
comparethemarket.com [http://www.comparethemarket.com/loans ] and you can claim a meerkat
toy as a reward*.

Specialising in more than just credit cards and loans, comparethemarket.com provides
customers with an easy way to find the right deal on a wide range of insurance and
financial products including car insurance, home insurance, van insurance, bike insurance,
life insurance, pet insurance, credit cards and loans. It also offers comparisons for a
range of household utilities including electricity, gas, phone, broadband and digital TV.

*Terms and conditions apply.

About comparethemarket.com

        - comparethemarket.com was launched in 2006 and has grown rapidly over the
          past six years to become one of the UK's leading price comparison websites.
        - comparethemarket.com provides customers with an easy way to make the right
          choice for them on a wide range of products including motor, home, life, travel and
          pet insurance as well as utilities and money products such as, credit cards and loans.
        - comparethemarket.com actively selects its brand partners, working with the
          best andmost trusted organisationsto ensure quality service to consumers.

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regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Registered Address: Pegasus House, Bakewell Road, Orton Southgate, Peterborough, PE2
6YS. Registered in England number 3231094.

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