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Top Persian Pop Star to Raise Money for Cancer Research

April 25, 2012

LOS ANGELES, April 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — On Saturday, April 28, international music sensation Andy Madadian will gather with other artists in Beverly Hills to support “Relay For Life,” a team event sponsored by the American Cancer Society and organized to raise awareness and money for cancer research. Andy will be joined by his beautiful and talented wife, Shani Rigsbee, a beloved musician in her own right who began as a star of the American stage and screen, but has since taken the entire world by storm.

Andy and Shani are hardly newcomers to the world of philanthropy. Together and separately, this rising power couple has admirably used their celebrity status to shine a light on many worthy causes, from the need for continued economic relief in Haiti to performing “Stand by Me” with Bon Jovi in solidarity with the Iranian people. For Andy and Shani, however, cancer research is an issue that strikes an especially strong chord, because Shani has personally faced the scourge of this debilitating disease. Years ago Shani was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In her successful battle against this disease, Shani demonstrated an indomitable will to live, but she also became keenly aware that no one can take on cancer alone. As with so many things in life, it takes a village, which is why she supports a wide variety of charities, in an ongoing effort to bring the struggle against cancer to the attention of the entire world.

With their international appeal, it is especially appropriate that stars such as Andy and Shani are investing their time and energy into fighting a disease like cancer, which certainly doesn’t abide by international borders or discriminate based on ethnicity or nationality. This is a campaign best led by celebrities who can reach millions of listeners around the world and bend the ears of those people to a truly vital cause. Andy and Shani are both extremely famous in the United States, contributing to many feature films such as “House of Sand and Fog,” “One Night with the King” and the Academy Award winning film “Crash.” They consistently play to sold-out venues like the prestigious Greek Theater in Los Angeles, but their popularity extends around the globe. Andy originally hailed from Iran, but emigrated to the West when the Shah was toppled in the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Dubbed the “Prince of Persia” by his legions of fans, Andy now lives in exile, and his music is banned in his native country. Nevertheless, his records are still smuggled into Iran by the millions, bringing inspiration to a people yearning for freedom and self-expression. His own personal inspirations, from the Beatles to Carlos Santana, would be proud of how he is continuing their mission to shake up the world and change hearts and minds, one listener at a time.

Andy and Shani will perform for the “Relay For Life” event at 1PM on Saturday, April 28. The all-day festival will be held at the El Rodeo School, 605 North Whittier Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

To learn more about both Andy and Shani, be sure to check them out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/andymadadianofficial and www.facebook.com/shanirigsbeeofficial, or visit their official websites at www.andymusic.com and www.shanimusic.com.

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