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NetAuthority Selects Nadel Phelan to Promote Innovative Approach to Device-Centric User Authentication

April 26, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, April 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — NetAuthority, the device authentication solution provider for secure network access, today announced its selection of Nadel Phelan, Inc. as its public relations firm of record. NetAuthority chose Nadel Phelan for its comprehensive public relations offering and expertise in emerging data security and network technologies. NetAuthority’s new website is available at www.netauthority.com.

Key Facts:

  • Controlling access to web-based applications and online businesses is critical to protecting information assets. According to industry analysts, the cost of a data breach was $5.5 million per corporation last year.
  • NetAuthority reduces cyber security risks and prevents losses by uniquely identifying and authenticating Internet-enabled devices and users associated with the device.
  • NetAuthority sets the standard for a strong authentication solution that provides the strength, scalability and affordability required for broad adoption across enterprises, consumer online services and cloud-based services.

Supporting Quotes

  • “Nadel Phelan’s extensive expertise in network security makes them the perfect team to launch our disruptive device centric strong authentication solution,” said Chris Brennan, CEO and Founder of NetAuthority. “Achieving our vision of standardizing device-centric authentication requires skillful, experienced communications expertise. With the Nadel Phelan team, NetAuthority will drive the awareness and demand with customers, channel resellers, partners, media and analyst communities that will propel our success in the market.”
  • “The proliferation of Internet-connected devices, the viral growth of social networking and the mass adoption of cloud-based applications and services are enabling access to an unprecedented amount of information and increasing the risk of data loss,” said Paula Phelan, CEO, Nadel Phelan. “With the ability to incorporate a device centric method to identify the device and the user in possession of the device for strong authentication process, NetAuthority’s superior approach all but eliminates the potential of network compromise through a device.”

About NetAuthority

NetAuthority is the device authentication solution provider for secure network access. NetAuthority’s patent-protected technology uniquely identifies and authenticates internet-enabled devices and users to thwart cyber security attacks, delivering compelling ROI for enterprise, government and other data-sensitive environments. For more information, visit www.NetAuthority.com.

About Nadel Phelan

Founded in 1993, Nadel Phelan, Inc. specializes in comprehensive public relations for a roster of clients ranging from venerable industry giants to exciting startups. By combining high-level industry knowledge with in-depth technology experience, Nadel Phelan provides its clients with the strategic and tactical services necessary to establish and maintain global marketplace awareness essential in obtaining and preserving a competitive edge. Nadel Phelan is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California with offices in New York, Hong Kong and London. For more information please visit www.nadelphelan.com or call 831-439-5570.

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