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Database Week – NoSQL, NewSQL, Hadoop & Big Data Festival for Internet Week NY

May 1, 2012

NEW YORK, May 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Database Week (http://www.DBWeek.com) is a festival of technology events during Internet Week NY, beginning May 14, 2012, that celebrate NoSQL, NewSQL, Hadoop & Big Data and include lots of free beer, pizza, desserts, swag giveaways and raffle-prizes like a Kindle Fire and Sonos Play:3.

The NYC MySQL Group, the world’s largest database Meetup, is hosting a number of totally-free, beer-enriched, Database Week events that will feature top-tier database experts such as Dr. Flavio Villanustre, VP at LexisNexis HPCC Systems (who was formerly a brain surgeon!) and the CEO of NuoDB, Barry Morris, who co-founded NuoDB with CTO Jim Starkey, creator of MySQL Falcon and the BLOB datatype.

Database Week events include:
VoltDB, the NewSQL in-memory RDBMS
Making Sense of Big Data with Hadoop
Real-Time Big Data Analytics and NOSQL
Akiban NewSQL: Document Access with Powerful SQL
Building Applications with Amazon DynamoDB
MongoNYC 2012, the annual conference for the MongoDB NoSQL database

Each event will be recorded in HD-video and be viewable on the IT Management & Leadership eMagazine (http://www.LeadIT.us) which already hosts many high-def database videos about MySQL, Couchbase, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

To become a sponsor of Database Week or to have your database event included in the festivities, contact Database Week directly on http://www.DBWeek.com.

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