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SkyGolf® Launches SkyCourse, Providing Superintendents Access to 30,000 GPS Course Maps

May 24, 2012

RIDGELAND, Miss., May 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — SkyGolf, maker of SkyCaddie®, the #1 rangefinder in golf, today announced the launch of SkyCourse, the first and only online management tool that enables course superintendents to quickly and efficiently update and maintain golf course maps in real-time. With SkyCourse, superintendents can record course changes, create pin sheets, manage their chemical inventory and maintain spray schedules–all while better communicating course information to their staff and members. With online access to SkyGolf’s highly acclaimed GPS course-map database, SkyCourse is the first to offer the industry an affordable suite of tools to help superintendents streamline their course maintenance operations.

By transforming raw course data into insightful information, a SkyCourse subscription equips superintendents with the tools they need to complete more daily management tasks with less effort. Because SkyCourse is cloud-based, customers don’t have to worry about enhancing their IT infrastructure: they simply access the mapping data from a web browser.

“We believe that SkyCourse’s innovative Map-it-Yourself function will become an invaluable tool in the golf course industry,” said Dale Currie, Chief Operating Officer, SkyGolf. “Superintendents can now easily update their maps themselves using a mobile GPS mapping device that provides the same survey-grade accuracy that allowed SkyCaddie to become the #1 rangefinder in golf. SkyCourse also includes on-site training, rental programs, and complete mapping services. We feel that this exciting new system is consistent with SkyGolf’s commitment to grow the game of golf, not only for the benefit of golfers, but for golf courses, as well.”

SkyCourse at a glance:

  • $1,500 annual subscription for the basic package
  • Access to SkyGolf’s ground-verified course map database
  • Mapping module for GPS updates
  • Geo-database for flexible publishing and easy updating
  • Chemical management module
  • Pin sheets management module
  • Report templates

Additional SkyCourse Benefits

Manage chemicals and spray schedules: Superintendents can quickly maintain an inventory of their chemicals, equipment and applications, and easily create spraying programs. SkyCourse calculates the precise area and spraying costs, then generates work-orders with maps.

Create pin or zone sheets: Create pin or zone sheets easily using SkyCourse’s online pin sheet tool. Simply drag-and-drop pins or zone markers onto green outlines, provided by SkyGolf’s existing GPS map data of your course. Better pin rotation provides less wear and tear on the greens and greater variety for golfers.

Map-It-Yourself (MIY): With SkyCourse, superintendents can update their GPS course map using the SkyCourse Mapper (the GPS mobile-mapping device). They can capture GPS data points and upload them to a new layer on their SkyCourse map. Superintendents can rent the Mapper and Map-It-Yourself program, or have SkyCourse map their course for them.

Less work. Fewer mistakes: SkyCourse allows superintendents to mark, measure and share the precise location of areas on their course that need attention, all from a web browser. They can then print accurate maps for crews to reference, which drastically reduces the chance of errors.

About SkyCourse(TM) Technologies
SkyCourse, a SkyGolf® company, equips golf course superintendents with tools they need to complete more daily property management tasks with less effort. Through a unique combination of detailed GPS maps, aerial photos, web-based technologies and GPS mobile mapping solutions, SkyCourse streamlines course management projects and makes superintendents more effective on the job. Learn more at www.skycourse.com.

About SkyGolf®
SkyGolf® is a private company specializing in the development of innovative positioning systems and technology products specifically designed for personal use on a golf course. SkyGolf is leading a revolution that is improving the way golfers play the game. The mission of SkyGolf is to respect the long-standing traditions of the game, use technology responsibly and within the spirit and rules of golf, and to provide golfers of all skill levels with better and more rewarding golf experiences. SkyGolf, maker of SkyCaddie®, the #1 rangefinder in golf, is committed to providing the same reliable information a professional caddie provides to PGA TOUR professionals. This unmatched reliability is created by walking every course just like a TOUR Caddie does for a professional golfer, recording critical target information using the only method trusted in professional golf. To date, SkyGolf has traveled over a million miles to ground map using sub-meter survey grade equipment, recording approximately 100 million data points on close to 30,000 golf courses worldwide using their TOUR Caddie ground-mapping methodology. Additionally, thousands of courses are updated annually. SkyGolf believes every amateur deserves the same complete information with the same reliability professional golfers receive and would never play without and believes its SkyCaddie is the closest thing to a Tour caddie’s actual yardage book. The SkyCaddie is the Official Rangefinder of The PGA of America, Canadian PGA, PGA of Great Britain and Ireland, the PGA of New Zealand, PGA of Germany, the PGA of Spain, the Swedish PGA and a Technology Partner of the PGA Learning Center. Learn more at www.skygolf.com.

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