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Canine VacciCheck(R) Developed by Biogal was Highly Recommended in Articles Published in the Chicago Tribune and on BBC Radio

May 24, 2012

KIBBUTZ GALED, Israel, May 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

An interview recently published in the Chicago Tribune
[http://vaccicheck.com/about-vaccicheck/?GTTabs=1 ], addresses the use of Canine
VacciCheck(R) [http://vaccicheck.com/about-vaccicheck/?GTTabs=1 ], developed by Biogal, as
a way to titer test dogs for core canine vaccines.

In the article, Professor Schultz from the University of Wisconsin refers to Canine
VacciCheck(R) [http://vaccicheck.com/about-vaccicheck/?GTTabs=1 ]: “One way to insure
comfort for pet owners and veterinarians alike is to titer test dogs every three years. A
titer test checks to determine the level of protective antibodies. If those antibodies
exist, why revaccinate? Schultz asks. A new titer test, called Canine VacciCheck(R)
[http://vaccicheck.com/about-vaccicheck/?GTTabs=1 ], just now being made available to
veterinarians, is faster and easier.”

The interview relates to the recently published new American Animal Hospital
Association Vaccination Guidelines.

To read the full article please visit:


The BBC Radio [http://vaccicheck.com/about-vaccicheck/?GTTabs=1 ] has also interviewed
recently Catherine O’Driscoll, an animal rights activist that has been campaigning for
many years to reduce over vaccination from core canine vaccines in the UK In the interview
she strongly recommended the use of VacciCheck(R)
[http://vaccicheck.com/about-vaccicheck/?GTTabs=1 ] to avoid over vaccination.

To listen to the interview please visit: http://vaccicheck.com/about-vaccicheck

Biogal, the manufacturer of VacciCheck(R) is also pleased to announce that
VacciCheck(R) has now been registered by the United States Patent and Trademark.

“We are pleased that VacciCheck(R)can be offered to veterinarians and pet owners as an
alternative to over vaccination for the core canine vaccines. The Canine VacciCheck(R) is
a novel “in house” option for titer checking. The kit is a cost effective, user friendly
and expedient titer test for Hepatitis (Canine Adenovirus), Parvovirus and Distemper. The
kit can determine whether there is a need to revaccinate dogs and therefore avoid
potential adverse events,” said Amos Gershony, General Manager of Biogal, the manufacturer
of VacciCheck(R).

About Biogal-Galed

Biogal was established in 1986. Their various products are available in over 35

Biogal Laboratories is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of
innovative and unique diagnostic tools for companion animals, farm animals and laboratory

Please visit http://www.biogal.co.il for more information.

About The Spectrum Group

Spectrum Group, also known as Spectrum Labs, has spent the past 20 years helping both
pet parents and veterinarians provide a better quality of life to animals with allergies
via their patented SPOT test. The Spectrum Group is the distributors for VacciCheck(R) in
the United States.

Visit http://www.VacciCheck.com to learn more about the purpose and benefit this
product provides.

        Len Small

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