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“Babolat Play & Connect” – Worldwide Exclusive Event at the French Open

May 25, 2012

PARIS, May 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Babolat, international specialized tennis brand, presents the prototype of the first
interactive racquet, “Babolat Play & Connect,” at the French Open. The “Babolat Play &
Connect” is a major innovation with nearly infinite potential. Welcome to the tennis of
the future!

Babolat presents the prototype of the first interactive racquet with organized
demonstrations featuring amateur players and professional players from Team Babolat
including Rafael Nadal (SPA) and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (FRA) at the French Open. With
“Babolat Play & Connect,” the specialized racquet sports brand takes tennis into a new
era. “It’s a major innovation that will create a before and after reference point.
‘Babolat Play & Connect’ is taking on the challenge of changing the way tennis lovers play
and live the game of tennis. This is a connected and communicating racquet that will give
players information they can use to improve performance or just have fun sharing with
other passionate tennis players,” explained Eric Babolat, Chairman and CEO.

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“BABOLAT PLAY & CONNECT” is for all tennis players whether they are beginners,
advanced or professional.

Players will be able to use “Babolat Play & Connect” to obtain concrete information
about their game. Three major features of “Babolat Play & Connect” include:

        1) INFORM: "Babolat Play & Connect" permits tennis players to obtain
          pertinent information for analyzing their game. For example, the qualification of
          strokes (forehand, backhand, serve), ball spin, the position of the ball on the string
          bed, power during play and service speed are among the types of information that the
          sensors will relay. Information regarding the duration of the session, the length of
          play and the intensity of play will also be available. The range of possible data
          collection is very large.
        2) IMPROVE: Players can set goals, follow and compare data daily, weekly and
          monthly. The raw data and data points are a new source of information for coaches or
          instructors and also for players who will be able to analyze their game. Further
          developments could include: storing the best results and performances (for staying
          motivated!), receiving tips from a coach or having advice about equipment, etc.
        3) SHARE: The advantage of having a connected racquet is that players can post
          data on a social network either for challenging their own performance, playing just
          for fun or for sharing information with friends and other players. There is a whole
          online community that will be able to show, challenge, advise and compare themselves
          to others within the community and even to the pro players of Team Babolat.

“In 2004, Babolat developed the Aeropro Drive racquet specifically for the type of
game I play. The Babolat Play & Connect racquet is a tremendous tool. Having this new
technology to capture information from my matches will mean a new way of analyzing my
game.” – Rafael Nadal (SPA)

For its technological partner, Babolat has chosen Movea, leader in capturing and
analyzing movements. The primary objective was to create a racquet identical to a standard
model, with no change to the sensations during play. The racquet handle is equipped with
sensors that record the flow of data. Once the training session or match is over, players
can transfer and read the captured information on a computer, tablet or smartphone with a
wireless connection or USB.

For Babolat, tennis courts around the world-in amateur clubs as well as at the French
Open-offer the best laboratories for testing the products of tomorrow. Babolat proposes
products that respond to the demands of tennis by observing players, understanding and
anticipating their needs.

“Babolat invents the racquet of the future to help all tennis players improve and
allow them to have some fun at the same time. I am proud to be a part of this adventure.”
- Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (FRA)


About Babolat

Created in 1875, in Lyon, France, Babolat is the longest-running international company
specialized in tennis. Babolat is today number 1 in tennis racquet sales in the United
States, France, Spain, Italy and in Japan. Family-run for five generations, Babolat is an
innovative brand in the tennis sector providing complete technical equipment for tennis
players: racquets, strings, shoes, bags, apparel, accessories and balls. The brand
provides strings and racquets for numerous tennis players including Rafael Nadal (SPA),
Kim Clijsters (BEL), Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (FRA), Li Na (CHN), Andy Roddick (USA) and Julien
Benneteau (FRA) (these last two also play with Babolat shoes).

Website: http://www.babolat.com / http://www.Facebook.com/Babolat

About Movea SmartMotion(R)

Movea is the leader in the capture and analysis of movement, software, firmware and IP
for the sports and consumer electronics industries. Movea’s SmartMotion technology allows
the “Babolat Play & Connect” to detect and measure a player’s movements.

Movea has developed unique solutions for detection and analysis of movement allowing
rapid integration of data capture and movement into products, reducing the risks, costs
and production lead-time for our clients and partners to create new interfaces based on
movement, bringing added value for the end-user.

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