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Top 10 Collectible Peter Blake Prints to own in 2012

May 29, 2012

LONDON, May 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Sir Peter Blake is one of Britain’s leading artists, with a career which has to date
spanned more than 60 years. He has created some of the most memorable images in pop
culture including the cover of the Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
album. In celebration of his 80th birthday in June, artrepublic has created a list of the
top 10 collectible Peter Blake art prints [http://www.artrepublic.com/prints.html ] to own
in 2012.

1) Parade

This signed limited edition silkscreen of 175 is one of Blake’s recent artworks.
Parade depicts a colourful street procession of toys and was created in celebration of the
V&A Museum of Childhood’s re-opening after refurbishment. All of the toys featured in the
print are on show at the museum and represent a history of childhood iconography, from
vintage peg dolls to Care Bears and even the very modern Buzz Lightyear. Each print is
signed, numbered and titled by the artist.

2) Homage to Rauschenberg II

Homage to Rauschenberg II is one of a series of five silkscreen prints created by
Peter Blake as a tribute to Robert Rauschenberg, who has influenced Blake’s art throughout
his career. This silkscreen signed limited edition of 125 features a chess board, an
American flag and found items such as distressed advertising clippings and a tiny sign
which reads ‘pull chain before leaving’.

3) Found Art: Britannia

This giclee and silkscreen signed limited edition of just 25 is one of the latest
additions to Blake’s ‘found art’ series, in which items such as discarded packaging,
cigarette packets and match boxes become the subject of art. This print features a
digitally enlarged area of vintage packaging with a central design of a Roman centurion
and the word ‘Britannia’ surrounded by smaller motif scenes. The digital enlargement
reveals previously unseen detail in both the original printed motif designs and surface

4) Marilyn 2010

This silkscreen signed limited edition of 150 is a classic portrait of Hollywood icon
Marilyn Monroe, she is pictured against a striking red background. The print is finished
with diamond dust and each edition is signed and numbered by the artist.

5) I Love You – White

One of Peter Blake’s more recent works, I Love You is a 15 colour signed limited
edition silkscreen of 175. The words ‘I Love You’ are a combination of collaged letters
collected from different sources, finished with gold and silver leaf and embossing on a
cream background.

6) Paris – 10 Man Upright

This silkscreen signed limited edition of 100 is part of Blake’s ‘Paris suite’ series.
Influenced by the circus, the print depicts ten precariously balanced figures forming a
human tower in front of the iconic Parisian landmark ‘Les Invalides’, the military
hospital museum where Napoleon is buried. In a nod to the museum, the circus performers
are dressed as military figures.

7) Homage to Damien Hirst: The Butterfly Man Tokyo

The butterfly man Tokyo belongs to Peter Blake’s series Homage to Damien Hirst. This
signed silkscreen limited edition of 100 features Blake’s recurring motif ‘butterfly man’.
Throughout the series the ‘butterfly man’ is depicted in various locations surrounded by
colourful butterflies in tribute to Damien Hirst’s prolific use of the butterfly in his
own artwork. The background of this print is inspired by a retro postcard image of Tokyo
featuring the famous statue of Saigo Takamori.

8) American Trilogy 2012

American trilogy is a diamond dust silkscreen signed limited edition of 100. A classic
example of pop art, Blake features three archetypal American icons: Coca Cola, Elvis
Presley and the American flag. The three images are made more striking through the careful
use of colour within the print, the eye is drawn to the common use of red within each
image which stand out against a diamond dust monotone background. The print is finished
with gold and silver leaf.

9) Union Jack 2011

This giclee signed limited edition of 50 is a print of a vintage Union Jack flag with
frayed edges. The flag features the words ‘British made’ and beneath the image a typed
font reads ‘Union Jack’. The giclee print is incredibly detailed, with the weave of the
fabric, areas of wear and tear and discolouration clearly visible.

10) Wink

Wink is part of Blake’s ‘Replay’ series, which revisits some of his work from the
early 1960s. The print illustrates the cover of ‘Wink magazine’ featuring a 1950s pin-up
girl winking. The solid red background of this composition creates a striking image. Wink
is a silkscreen signed limited edition of 175.

Andrew Milledge of artrepublic, comments: “Peter Blake is one of the most iconic
British artists of the last century, his limited edition prints
[http://www.artrepublic.com ] are highly sought after collector pieces which will stand the
test of time.”

Andrew continues: “artrepublic is part of the Art Council’s Own Art scheme, enabling
buyers to spread the cost of a purchase over 10 months interest free, making art a more
accessible option for everyone.”

For more information on art prints and events, visit artrepublic
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