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Trellis Management Co Ltd. Announces New Development for its High Dynamic Range Imaging Products

June 3, 2012

SAN RAFAEL DE ESCAZU, Costa Rica, June 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Trellis Management Co. Ltd today, trough the XDepth technology, provides a wide range
of innovative products in the context of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging at professional
and consumer level. HDR Imaging is a technology that allows capturing, storing,
manipulating and displaying greater colours and dynamic range when compared with
traditional imaging technology. A greater dynamic range means a higher contrast and the
ability to detect details in dark and bright areas of an image.

High Dynamic Range Display

Trellis Management Co. Ltd today has announced the acquisition of an alternative
technology for the development and commercialisation of a novel High Dynamic Range (HDR)
display. This technology is capable of drastically reducing the power consumption and
improving the image quality of the existing HDR display devices.

High Dynamic Range Video Projection

Trellis Management Co. Ltd has developed the first worldwide video projection system
that increases the overall contrast and fine details in images and videos when compared to
the classic video projection solutions. The Trellis solution enhances the projection of
classic 8-bit per colour channel footage and HDR footage encoded using the XDepth-HDR

New Plug-ins

XDepth researchers are happy to announce the enrichment of the plug-ins solutions
releasing new versions of the plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop, Newtek Lightwave 32-bit and
64-bit versions under Windows and Mac operative systems. These new versions include
Xdepth-48 bit compression as well as an improvement of the XDepth file format.

High Dynamic Range Player

The XDepth technology today can be enjoyed with the use of its robust HDR player that
supports the HDR boost on existing low dynamic range movies, HDR video projection, playing
HDR movies on existing HDR display, public-key cryptography support for digital rights
management, gesture support for panning, zooming and rotation, full matrix colour control.
The player is fully customizable for embedded systems and it supports the most known audio
format, the following video formats MPEG-1/2, DVIX, H.264, MPEG-4 AVC, and the followings
input formats MPEG, AVI, MP4/MOV, Matroska (MKV).


Trellis Management Co. Ltd. is a privately held company focused on technology IP’s
licensing, acquisition and sale. XDepth is a technology and software brand of Trellis
Management Co. Ltd. The Xdepth technology is covering the needs from the professional to
the consumer sectors, providing a full pipeline that can be now utilized on all tablet and
mobile phone devices and it is ready to be implemented into the available hardware on the
market. All these solutions will be soon available at the new XDepth website, at
http://www.xdepth.com, where it will be possible to download and test these novelties
introduced in the XDepth technology.

For more information, trade or partnership enquiries, please visit the XDepth contact
page at http://www.xdepth.com/contact.php. http://www.trellis-mgmt.com


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