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Bilbary Expands E-book Library To Offer A Complete Solution For Consumers, Publishers, Authors And Libraries

June 4, 2012

NEW YORK, June 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Bilbary, an emerging internet-based, consumer e-book library and retail bookstore, announced today new partnerships with the first three of seven of the top publishing houses in the industry: HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Inc. and Wiley. Bilbary will carry all e-books offered by these publishers and their subsidiaries which includes 40,000 titles, raising the total number of titles in the library to more than 375,000.

“We are pleased to partner with these publishers thus allowing us to offer thousands of new titles to our consumers including hundreds of the newest and most popular e-books on the market,” said Tim Coates, founder of Bilbary. “We anticipate that similar agreements with the remaining largest English Language publishers will follow in the next few weeks, raising the number of e-books available to over 450,000. This expansion of our library is a tremendous step towards our goal of being a full-service solution for book enthusiasts worldwide and continuously maintaining a robust library for our consumers.”

After launching in March 2012, Bilbary quickly gained recognition within the industry forging partnerships with 2,300 medium-sized and specialist publishers and even developing its first e-book rental program through a partnership with Taylor and Francis, a leading international academic publisher. As a result, students and educators no longer need to worry about due dates, rental fines, or whether the library or book store has sufficient copies in-stock, because course reading materials can be conveniently downloaded at any time.

Tim Coates, who is an experienced international bookseller, has called for wider investment in the ‘long tail’ of literature to be made by the famous publishing houses. “Without this,” he says, “the move to e-books will lack the true qualities of the historic work of publishing which is the great strength of what we do and what we offer to the public.”

The company is also working with The State Library of Kansas to establish the first subsidized lending program of e-books in the U.S. public library service and currently offers its patrons the ability to conveniently purchase e-books from Bilbary.com. When consumers purchase e-books through The State Library of Kansas, all commissions are reinvested into Bilbary for developmental purposes to further grow services offered to library patrons.

Bilbary offers a technology-agnostic service enabling readers to download e-books onto their computer, phone, tablet, or e-reader regardless of OS and is compatible with a wide-range of Apple, PC and NOOK(® )devices. The service has two platforms: one of which is cloud-based ensuring accessibility as long as an internet connection is present, and the other offers a download of titles to e-reading devices.

For additional information on Bilbary, please visit www.Bilbary.com.

About Bilbary:

Bilbary is an internet-based, consumer e-book library and retail bookstore. Bilbary promotes and encourages reading by providing access to thousands of e-books via e-readers, computers, tablets and smart phones for purchase or rental. Bilbary will soon offer promotions, shop windows and browsing and is intended to be a resource for readers, reading groups, libraries, schools, authors and all who enjoy and make use of books. (www.Bilbary.com)

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