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Stylish Low-Tech Solution Turns Your Phone Into an E-Wallet

June 5, 2012

WATCH HILL, R.I., June 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Rhode Island-based Kena Kai today announced their new line of iROO® credit card pockets that attach to the back of today’s popular phones to allow your phone to act as your wallet, or when used with one of the 35+ million contactless credit cards in circulation the iROO turns your existing phone into an “electronic wallet.”

One of the hottest topics in the mobile-payments field is the potential of NFC enabled phones that will allow the user to “pay” by simply waving their phone next to a special point-of-sale reader. According to the Smart Card Alliance, the industry’s leading voice for smart cards, which just held its NFC Solutions Summit 2012, executives from MasterCard, Wells Fargo, Sony, Intel and other leading companies all agree: “NFC is coming soon, and when it does, it will enable a broad array of applications that will enhance the consumer experience – at the point-of-sale (POS) and in everyday interactions.”

These newer phones, some of which will bear MasterCard’s “PayPass Ready” designation, will be rolling out in the next year. If you want the same functionality – the ability to wave your phone and pay – with a little more practicality, such as having your actual physical credit card with you for those times where the retailer does not have an NFC reader, then the iROO is for you.

“When developing the iROO, we wanted to offer the simplest solution with all the benefits of the upcoming ‘electronic-wallet’ phones but without their flaws,” offered Geb Masterson, president of Kena Kai. “People love the idea of simply waving their phone and paying – which our iROO allows – but what happens when that same consumer runs into a retailer without one of the newer NFC POS terminals? With our iROO, the user simply pulls their credit card out of the pouch on the back of their phone, and they pay!”

The new iROO line of card pouches is designed to carry 2-3 credit card sized cards. Typical users will carry their driver’s license, and one or two credit cards or a transit pass – typically one card will have the NFC contactless chip in it. Crafted from durable silicone, the iROO comes in four colors: black, white, orange and grey. Using a peel-off 3M adhesive that will not leave any residue on your phone, the iROO simply attaches to the back of your phone. The iROO will work with any phone that has a 3.75″ or larger screen. Some popular phones that the iROO will work with are: iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Focus, Motorola Atrix, Motorola Droid RAZR, HTC Titan, HTC One and many others.

“Today’s phones are almost as important to our lives as our wallets, why not combine them? Most days I leave my wallet at home and simply travel with my iPhone with the iROO and my license and two cards. That’s all I need for 80% of the time and why would I want to carry around a wallet with cards I never use?” added Masterson.

The iROO pouches are shipping now and retail for $10 at www.kenakai.com.

With a distinctive combination of style and innovation, Kena Kai designs unique items for people that enjoy life and appreciate how technology can often make their lives better. Full-color photos and information can be obtained by emailing Nelleke Gort at Nelleke@kenakai.com.

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