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Consumers Like Their Opinions to be Heard and Reward Brands That Undertake Research With Loyalty, Says Cint

June 8, 2012

LONDON, June 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

As the economy continues to put marketers under greater pressure to achieve better
results while operating within tighter budgets, global provider of market insight
[http://www.cint.com/access/fast-market-insight-from-the-right-people-through-cint-access ]
tools, Cint, advises brands to consider an often-overlooked method of consumer
engagement that can dramatically enhance brand value.

While there are countless ways to engage with consumers, one that might not be
utilized to its full potential is the power of a simple consumer survey.

In these turbulent times, many substantial companies once perceived as impervious to
market fluctuations are succumbing to economic stress in startling ways. A common theme is
emerging that indicates effective consumer engagement is critical to maintaining brand

Developing and deploying targeted surveys to conduct consumer research
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and discover opinions on a variety of matters can inform better
marketing strategies while making consumers feel that they are part of the process. This
spirit of inclusion makes people feel like they are being heard, that their opinions are
making a difference and that their needs are being met. This in turn encourages a higher
level of satisfaction and, ultimately, brand loyalty. Furthermore, a recent study by Cint
revealed that 62 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase a product if their
opinion has been sought by a brand.

Bo Mattsson, CEO of Cint, commented: “Unsettled economies around the world have truly
created a consumer-driven marketplace. It is more important than ever before that brands
reach out to their fans and make sure that they are part of the journey. Any company can
make their consumers feel like they have a say in what is going on by asking them simple
questions through a survey or questionnaire.”

“Moreover, starting a conversation with consumers about a brand’s current services and
products can be valuable in improving these areas all the while building stronger
relationships. Additionally, information obtained through consumer research can also
affect future developments to create a symbiotic expansion of offerings.”

For further information on Cint’s suite of market research tools
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