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Twitter Users Have Quadrupled Over Past Two Years

June 10, 2012

LANCASTER, England, June 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

The number of American consumers who use Twitter on a daily bases has risen sharply
over the past two years.

According to a recent US survey, the social networking website has experienced an
explosion of user interest over the last couple of years and the proportion of online
adults who use the site on a daily basis has quadrupled since late 2010.

The study, carried out by Princeton Survey Research Associates International for the
Pew Internet and American Life Project, found that the engagement of users has skyrocketed
with 8% of the online adult population using it on a typical day.

The number of adults who use the site on a day to day basis has doubled since May 2011
and the research, which involved over 2,000 adults aged 18 and older, suggests that the
rise may be due to the rapid spread of smartphones.

What is more, young adults favour the networking platform more so that older adults.
Over a quarter of people aged 18-29 use Twitter and 31% of Americans aged 18-24 in
contrast to 14% of users aged 30-49 years old.

A statement from Twitter revealed that the number of active users it has was 140
million in March 2012 which is an increase from 100 million in September 2011. The
spokesperson said growth is extremely strong and now they experience more than one billion
tweets every three days.

The findings can easily be translated to the UK though and in May this year Twitter
had 10 million British users. According to the firm, in just 30 days eight million users
from the UK accessed the site.

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