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Kevan Barlow Applauds Constructive Approach to NFL Concussion Debate

June 12, 2012

NEW YORK, June 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The ongoing debate surrounding the prevalence of concussions in the game of football is one of 2012′s biggest sports stories. Commentators and pundits continue to weigh in on the subject, as do many athletes and retired players. The entire issue came to the fore, in fact, after 2,000 ex-NFL athletes brought up the possibility of legal action, threatening to sue the league itself over the long-term health effects that come from repeated head trauma and concussions. Not all NFL vets are taking such a heated approach to the topic, however. Some — including former players Warren Moon and Kevan Barlow — are taking more measured and constructive approaches.

USA Today reports that Moon has declined to join the 2,000 players seeking to sue the NFL. The Hall of Famer is calling on the league to adopt the Xenith helmet, a more high-tech piece of headgear that Moon believes will lead to a decline in concussions and other head injuries. This advanced helmet contains 12-18 shock absorbers inside it — and is sold by an athletic marketing firm that was founded by Moon himself.

Meanwhile, retired running back Kevan Barlow has responded to Moon’s endorsement in a new statement to the press. Like Moon, Kevan Barlow has opted not to take any kind of legal action against the NFL, but is instead simply zealous for seeing that the league take whatever precautions it can to promote health and safety. According to his statement, Kevan Barlow thinks that Moon’s Xenith helmet approach is a good idea, and a constructive solution to the problem at hand.

“Xenith helmets will help football in so many ways,” says Barlow in his press statement. “Concussions push players out of the game, and retired players see long term effects. With this new helmet, the game could instantly be changed and Warren will be heroic.”

Like Barlow, Moon is motivated by a desire to help players, according to the USA Today report. In the article, Moon reveals that he is further inspired to take action by the recent death of NFL player Junior Seau — a tragedy that served as a jolt and a wake-up call to Moon. “[E]ven though I was involved in the concussion and head injury project before Junior’s death,” Moon says, “it just kind of re-emphasizes the fact that I am doing the right thing in trying to bring more awareness to this.”


Kevan Barlow is a veteran of the NFL. A long-time running back, Barlow played college football at the University of Pittsburgh and was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the third round of the 2001 Draft. Additionally, Barlow played ball for the New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers. He retired in 2007, but since then has been active in philanthropic work, including charity work on behalf of kids with cancer. He is also an advocate on behalf of prison outreach, and is passionate about ensuring that the NFL protects the health and safety of all its players, to the best of its ability.

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