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Raw Material Takes Music Projects to Festa2h Festival in Senegal

June 12, 2012

LONDON, June 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

On June 14 Raw Material, a music production charity based in the heart of Brixton,
London, is heading out to Dakar, Senegal as the only UK representative at the 2012
Festa2h. The team will be performing and tutoring local musicians using their own
experiences and cultural outlooks.

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Founder of Raw Material, Tim Brown will be taking four of those involved in Brixton
(Miles Romans-Hopcraft, Jon Bristol, Tanagna Chambers and Floetic Lara) on the trip.
“There is great satisfaction in people fulfilling their potential,” says Tim. “It’s about
supporting people through their development; empowering them.”

There is a lot of enthusiasm at Raw Material and those going cannot wait to experience
the sights, sounds and culture of Senegal. “It’ll be a big old collaboration, everyone
bringing different things to the table,” grins Miles, a producer and tutor at Raw
Material. “Working with different tools, teaching new tools – I can’t wait!” Tanagna
‘Tagz’, a singer songwriter, agrees. “Transition’s the key for me, seeing how they receive
what we do.”

One of the opportunities facing the team will be a shift in religious outlook as
Senegal is, predominantly, an Islamic society and will bring the idea of transition, a key
theme at Raw Material, into focus.

“Will they embrace what we do and how we do it?” questions Tags. “I used to rap about
what everyone did – crime. The same old story.” Raw Material has engendered a more
positive outlook for those that come here through workshops such as Conscious Lyrics and
Verbal Elevation. “I was lucky to have that. Not many people thought outside the box,
thinking about negativity and looking for solutions.”

The team will in Dakar for 10 days. “I’m looking forward to hearing the sound – the
original way,” says Jon ‘JB’, another of the producers and tutors at Raw Material. “I’ll
be getting fully involved, embracing the culture. And the food!” It represents an
opportunity for JB to take his experiences out of Brixton where he has been helped and
helped countless youngsters at Raw Material and into Senegal – a completely different
culture altogether.

“I don’t often get to travel,” says Tagz, excited by the prospect of a ‘return to the
motherland’, as Miles puts it. The Festa2h festival is another step in the transition of
the lives of these young people, thanks to Raw Material.

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