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June 12, 2012

DALLAS, June 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Announcing www.pumpyouup.com has released their Summer 2012 promotion of free music downloads. The collection includes a variety of mainstream quality dubstep, techno, pop, trance, house, funk, and electronic music. We encourage the world’s news and media to take notice similar to KDAF promoting PumpYouUp within the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Our artists greatly appreciate links to their new music. Your viewership will welcome interesting free music. To view the KDAF promotion please visit: KDAF33 PumpYouUp.com Safe Legal Free Music

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Free Music Downloads

We search out the best of indie and underground producers, contact the artists and arrange for the free music downloads, potentially re-master the tracks to maximize sound quality, and publish on http://www.pumpyouup.com. All tracks are hand picked and often follow a seasonal theme. The current collection includes more indie and Skrillex Deadmau5 styled tracks. The genre is mostly electronic music, but soul, funk, rap, metalstep, or any quality music that makes you move, or makes you want to grab your headphones is potential.

PumpYouUp.com was founded by Robert Dede, an electrical engineer and founder of Gigasoft, Inc. providing engineering, financial, and business .Net charting and graphing Microsoft Windows development tools. Robert has a passion for writing electronic music and wanted to promote those who also like to produce as a hobby or as young prodigies.

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