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To Fight Crime, New Yorkers get Mobile Safety app for Free!

June 14, 2012

NEW YORK and OSLO, Norway, June 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

New York has seen an alarming spike in murder, rapes and robberies in many
neighborhoods lately. It has been reported that the city experienced a 400% increase in
murders in Williamsburg, a 400 percent increase in rapes in Sheepshead Bay and a 250
percent increase in killings in Washington Heights.

To address this concerning trend, Female Entrepreneur of the year Silje Vallestad has
decided to give all New Yorkers access to bSafe Premium, the most downloaded mobile safety
app in Europe, for free. Vallestad, who currently is in NYC preparing for her move to the
US next month, believes wireless technology will play an important part in making the Big
Apple safer and improve the quality of life of its citizens.

“Especially women often feel uncomfortable when walking alone at night. With bSafe
they never have to walk alone again”, says Vallestad.

This is how bSafe works

bSafe is the world’s most advanced personal safety solution for smart-phones packed
with features to help you stay safe. The Follow Me feature allows you to invite friends to
follow you home with live GPS tracking, providing an extra layer of safety. With I’m Here,
you can check in and let friends and family know where you are and that you are ok. Fake
Call programs the phone to ring to help you get out of an uncomfortable situation.

In an emergency, bSafe users can trigger the world’s most comprehensive mobile SOS
alarm with the touch of a button. When the alarm is activated, a loud siren is initiated
to frighten attackers and attract attention, selected friends are notified that you need
help and where you are, and evidence is secured through video recording, time stamp and
accurate map position for the entire period the alarm is active.

“I often felt scared when walking alone. I have also experienced several situations
where I desperately wanted to get help, but was not able to. Today, almost 100,000 people
have bSafe installed on their mobile phones and the number is growing rapidly every day.
This is a service people need when they walk alone at night, when they exercise alone or
when they need to get out of an uncomfortable situation, “says Vallestad.

Click on the link below to get bSafe today:


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