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Keeping Up With the Sofas

June 17, 2012

LONDON, June 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

DFS leads the UK’s great Furniture Facelift in time for Britain’s summer celebrations

DFS today reveals that despite 2012 being the UK’s biggest year of outdoor
celebrations, 61% of us Brits will be avoiding the crowds and queues, choosing instead to
stay indoors and entertain friends in a more intimate setting: our very own front rooms.

It’s time to forget Buckingham Palace; an Englishman’s home is really his castle this
year, with 70% of the UK announcing that 2012 is the year they will give-up saving to
upgrade and move home, instead opting to make the most of what they already have and make
sure it’s as comfortable as possible for visiting friends and family.

From research polling 2,000 respondents across the UK, DFS found that rather than
choosing latest gadgets or a new bathroom suite, picking a new sofa is at the top of the
list of key status symbols to impress their friends.

To keep homes entertainment-ready, the UK is willing to spend up to GBP3,000 to make
their front rooms as hospitable as possible. DFS found that Britain’s great Furniture
Facelift has been fuelled by TV events such as the recent series of Britain’s Got Talent
as well as at-home entertainment brands such as Netflix and SingStar ahead of this
summer’s season of celebrations.

Even though Londoners topped the list of residents most likely to host a party in
their front room this summer, it’s actually our friends in the North East and Wales who
are most in tune with the trend, already planning to invest in a new sofa or easy chair.

To celebrate its first ever high street store on London’s iconic Tottenham Court Road,
DFS will be catering for people wanting to make the most of at-home summer entertainment,
by stocking a new Trophy Cuddler Audio Sofa
[http://www.dfs.co.uk/sofas/offers/trophy/ipod-cuddler-chair ] – a ‘cuddler sized’
two-person sofa, which comes with built-in iPod entertainment dock with Bluetooth
connectivity and USB port, speakers and subwoofer.

DFS operations director Keith Baker commented, “It’s no surprise to us at DFS that
sofas are increasingly seen as the heart of the home with many people opting to stay in
for the summer and transform their front rooms into front rows for the sporting, social
and entertainment occasions ahead.

“We have also seen a shift towards ‘action’ and ‘technology’ furniture, such as the
Audio Sofa, as shoppers increasingly look for furniture that enhances their lifestyle and
fits into their family life. Staying in is a cost-conscious option in these days of belt
tightening and a new sofa is a quick and simple way to transform a home instantly, without
the hassle of redecorating or the cost of moving.”

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