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U.A.E. Government and Dubai Officials Refuse Comment to U.S. Government’s Voice of America on the Imprisonment of U.S. Citizen Zack Shahin

June 18, 2012

-U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Must Publicly Remind Ally U.A.E. that Due Process and the Rule of Law Must Apply to Non-Emriatis and Call for U.S. Citizen Zack Shahin’s Immediate and Reasonable Bail-

WASHINGTON, June 18, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Beginning week six of a hunger strike in a Dubai prison, Zack Shahin was not surprised at the “non-response” both from the U.A.E. Embassy in Washington, D.C. and agencies of the Dubai government contacted as a result of a Voice of America news report on his case. In a long-running case of political unfairness based on nationality, Shahin has been denied rights as a defendant in the Dubai judicial system, merely because of his nationality as an American citizen, echoing similar injustices of other foreign businessmen charged or convicted in Dubai. Only until after Shahin announced his hunger strike has the U.S. State Department even acknowledged any efforts in securing a reasonable bail and fair trial, success of which has yet to be seen. And, it appears that the Dubai government, as part of the United Arab Emirates, is unwilling or unable to concede the disparate treatment, even though relations with the United States may be affected by what happens next. The Voice of America report acknowledged the efforts of the U.S. State Department to warn citizens traveling abroad, yet provides no solace for Shahin in his quest for fairness and assistance from his government. U.S. Legal counsel to Zack Shahin issued the following statement following the publication of the Voice of America report on Shahin’s detention and hearings:

“It is unfortunate that one governmental agency presents a fair and unbiased picture of the relationship between the U.S. government and a supposed ally, when the truth belies reality. Our State Department gives Zack assurances that they are doing everything possible to aid him in his quest for reasonable bail and a fair trial, yet the U.A.E. officials remain mum when asked for action. And as was once told to Zack: ‘We have you and we control your destiny.’ Whether this is true or not, can someone at the State Department step forward and tell Zack, in person, that he is not forgotten? Will Secretary Clinton at least acknowledge that Zack is on her radar? Or does he have to come home in a box for Secretary Clinton to admit she ‘dropped the ball’?”

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U.S. legal counsel to Zack Shahin are Jim Jatras, Rebekah Poston, and Eric Akers.

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SOURCE US Legal Counsel for Zack Shahin

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