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LINX Uses Cariden’s Path Computation Functionality for Innovative Architecture in Preparation for Summer Olympics

June 18, 2012

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Cariden Technologies, Inc., the leader in network planning, design, and traffic management solutions, announced today that the London Internet Exchange (LINX), one of the world’s leading exchange points for Internet traffic, employed Cariden’s MATE platform as a path computational element (PCE) for an architectural redesign. The upgraded network prepares LINX for increased traffic during the Olympics in London this summer.

The usage of MATE software — with automated discovery, measurement, path optimization, and configuration generation — enabled this redesign with unique capabilities for resolving complex growth projections. The global view provided by a PCE facilitates faster and more accurate balancing decisions to meet shifting traffic and dynamic bandwidth requests.

LINX used the MATE platform in line with a new Layer 3 transport architecture — including the deployment of Juniper PTX 5000 routers — that brings additional stability and scale for their customers. The architecture uses an intricate RSVP-TE design to ensure performance and resiliency.

“We configured over 9000 label switched paths in our network, amounting to a separate RSVP tunnel, as well as a diverse secondary, for each parallel path between each pair of edge routers,” said Mike Hellers, Network Engineering Manager at LINX. “At this scale, individual network elements cannot visualize the entire network well enough to guarantee an even traffic distribution, so MATE provided us with PCE functionality and allowed us to fully model and simulate the network during the design phase, ensuring that traffic flows as intended.”

The PCE capabilities of Cariden’s MATE platform include simulating network behavior, optimizing path priorities, and calculating traffic flows. MATE software is used in these capacities to save huge planning and engineering costs for top-tier service providers around the world.

“LINX will be a crucial player in bringing the Summer Olympics to the world,” said Arman Maghbouleh, president of Cariden Technologies. “It is an honor that our network-wide visibility, design and automation capabilities will assist them in deploying the best architecture for the job at hand.”

About Cariden

Cariden Technologies, Inc. is a software company serving large network operators worldwide. Founded in 2001, the company has maintained steady growth and profitability with its industry standard network planning and analytics software. Networks serving 85% of the U.S. broadband customers have adopted Cariden software, as have 9 of the 11 global Tier 1 ISPs. Cariden’s success is fueled by its technical innovations in delivering visibility, efficiency, and automation to networks.

For more information on Cariden or MATE software, please visit http://www.cariden.com.

About LINX

The London Internet Exchange is one of the largest IXPs in the world with more than 400 members across 50 countries. Its membership is made up of the leading ISPs, content provider and IP networks in the world. The LINX network currently handles 1.25 Tbps of traffic at peak and covers more than 80% of the Global Routing Table.

For more information on LINX, please visit http://www.linx.net.

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