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Looking for a Job? The Job Search Formula Is for You!

June 19, 2012

HERTFORDSHIRE, England, June 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Leading career coach Nik Lemmens has distilled his vast experience of helping clients to find a job into a new book entitled The Job Search Formula, co-authored by Nicole O’Driscoll.

“Whether you have been made redundant or are making that leap from a job you hate to a job you will love, The Job Search Formula will teach you how to vastly increase your chances of getting back into employment in a job that makes you happy. You can expect to learn everything from making job recruitment boards work for you to applying correctly and conducting a dazzling interview. The Job Search Formula teaches you how to match your application and CV to the job being advertised, so that you are almost certainly shortlisted for an interview, well-prepared and ready for success,” Lemmens said.

In Good Time

“It is no news that the economic downturn has had a large impact on employment rates in this country. However, the myth around this is that you have to cling to a job that makes you unhappy or that if you are redundant, you are unemployable. The Job Search Formula gives you real, practical reasons why this does not have to be true. It walks you through how recruitment agencies and jobs boards work, and how most people who are looking for work waste hours every day using them incorrectly,” he said.

If you have found jobs that you want to apply for but haven’t been shortlisted for interview, The Job Search Formula will show you why. Getting shortlisted is all about matching your credentials and achievements with the job specification, and writing a winning CV and cover letter that will guide the interview questions entirely in your favour.

What makes The Job Search Formula special?

Most clients come to Career Journey at the end of their tether, exhausted from spending hours a day searching job sites and writing applications that are barely acknowledged. The Job Search Formula shows you from Nik’s track record as a career coach how to make recruiters and employers look for you rather than the other way round. You can stand out from the crowd of anonymous people who are looking for work.

“Moreover, this book gives you the confidence to find the job that you want to do – not the one you feel you have to do because you’re worried about not finding anything else. Keep calm and carry on is not a characteristically British slogan for nothing – although there’s a recession on, there are still plenty of jobs available and employers looking for you. Once they find you, Job Search Formula teaches you how to convince them that you are their perfect candidate,” he said.

About Career Journey

With the right tools Nik Lemmens has supported many “stuck” clients to improve their quality of life by coaching them to change careers. He has invaluable experience of working with clients who are searching for work or who want to change careers. There is currently such a culture of fear around the jobs market that you might not have thought about changing your career, even though you hate your job.

CV writing

“‘Journey’ implies a beginning, a middle and an end; often, Curriculum Vitae writing comes in the middle of the journey, and is the part that clients hate most. How can they sell themselves when they write their CV?” said Nicole O’Driscoll, a specialist in writing CVs and who works closely with you, helping you to match it with your skills and accomplishments. Check out the “Top 10 CV/Resume Mistakes Infographic” on http://www.careerjourney.co.uk and enjoy a good chuckle at some common “write CV, wrong approach” mistakes.

About the authors

Nik Lemmens

Managing director of Career Journey, his experience reaches from post-military careers to the legal profession, with everything in between. Nik wants to reach an even wider audience, being acutely aware of people’s increasing anxiety about rising unemployment rates. The Job Search Formula is a compendium of Nik’s coaching advice for those who cannot work with him on a one-to-one basis.

Nicole O’Driscoll

Prior to becoming a freelance writer, copywriter and English tutor, Nicole has worked in a variety of careers: general and mental health nursing, volunteer project management, and mental health management. She has seen the best and worst of recruitment practices. Having provided her own personal statement and CV writing business for a number of years, she teamed up with Nik to write CVs and personal statements for Career Journey.

Where to find us

For further details or to purchase a copy of The Job Search Formula please visit: http://www.careerjourney.co.uk. You can also call +44 1279 216 480 or email info@careerjourney.co.uk.


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