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BrandZ[TM] Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2012

June 22, 2012

NEW YORK, June 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

First Publication of New Annual Study Launches Today

Millward Brown, in conjunction with BrandAnalytics and WPP, today announce the
inaugural BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands.

The value of the BrandZ Latam Top 50 is dominated by retail, financial, communication,
beer and energy brands.

Petrobras, the Brazilian energy giant, topped the ranking with a brand value of $10.6
billion. The remainder of the Top 5 consists of brands from the financial and
communications categories.

Brazil, the world’s sixth largest economy, is the most dominant country in the
rankings, accounting for one third of the $136 billion total value. However, it’s not all
about Brazil. Mexican brands are in close pursuit and together are worth $37 billion – 27
percent of the total value of the BrandZ Latam Top 50. Brands from Chile, Colombia and
Argentina also made it into the ranking and together constitute almost 40 percent of the
total value.

Going global

The BrandZ Latam Top 50 brands are not only leaders in their own countries; many also
have a regional presence across South America. The Chilean retailer Falabella operates
stores throughout South America, and the Mexican telecom company, America Movil, serves
much of Latin America through its Claro brand. Of the brands in the BrandZ Latam Top 50
ranking, eight also ranked in the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2012 in the
following categories: energy, communication, retail, beer and personal care.

Many of the BrandZ Latam Top 50 brands have a global footprint including Petrobras,
Cemex, which is a global supplier of building materials, Sadia and Perdigao – both
Brazilian food processors that export worldwide. When Chile’s LAN Airlines completes it
merger with Brazil’s TAM Airlines, it will become one of the world’s largest carriers.

The importance of brand

Despite being hit by the slowdown in the Latin American economy, the value of the
BrandZ Latam Portfolio has outperformed the MSCI Emerging Market Latin America Index by
over 7 percent over the last 12 months. This demonstrates that a strong brand not only
maximizes the potential of a business when times are good, but also helps to minimize the
impact of poor economic conditions on a business.

Fabian Hernandez, Latin American CEO, Millward Brown, says: “The BrandZ Top 50 Most
Valuable Latin American Brands ranking corroborates the increasing importance of emerging
markets in the world. It is fascinating to know in which industries the Latin American
brands are competing with the global brands; Financial Institutions, Communications, and

Eduardo Tomiya, Managing Director, BrandAnalytics, says: “The importance of the Latin
American ranking is to measure and show to companies, shareholders and the public in
general, that consistent work builds substantial incremental value in the brands. It also
establishes the most credible benchmarking for local brands to compare to the global and
regional ones in a quantitative and analytical framework.”


The BrandZ Rankings

The BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands, is part of the suite of BrandZ
rankings, which also includes the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands and the
BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable Chinese Brands.

Background and Methodology

BrandAnalytics, a leading brand valuation and strategy consultancy in Brazil,
conducted the brand valuation in collaboration with Millward Brown Optimor using the
Millward Brown Optimor methodology.

Commissioned by WPP and in its first year, the BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin
American Brands ranking is unique. Combining both financial data, from Bloomberg and
Kantar Worldpanel, as well as consumer opinion gathered from interviews with over 25,000
Latin American consumers about 800 brands, the BrandZ Latam Top 50 is the most robust
ranking of Latin American brands available.

                                                            Brand Value  Country
        Rank 2012        Category               Brand        2012 ($M)   of Origin
                1 Energy                  Petrobras         10,560       Brazil
                2 Communication Providers Telcel            8,449        Mexico
                3 Financial Institution   Bradesco          6,690        Brazil
                4 Financial Institution   Itaú              6,606        Brazil
                5 Communication Providers Comcel            5,513        Colombia
                6 Retail                  Falabella         5,263        Chile
                7 Beer                    Corona            5,114        Mexico
                8 Beer                    Skol              4,698        Brazil
                9 Financial Institution   Banco do Brasil   4,574        Brazil
               10 Communication Providers Claro             4,336        Mexico*
               11 Energy                  Ecopetrol         4,240        Colombia
               12 Airlines                LAN               3,964        Chile
               13 Financial Institution   Bancolombia       3,465        Colombia
               14 Retail                  Sodimac           3,318        Chile
               15 Cosmetics               Natura            3,307        Brazil
               16 Bank                    Banco de Chile    3,109        Chile
               17 Energy                  YPF               3,074        Argentina
               18 Financial Institution   Banco de Bogota   2,842        Colombia
               19 Energy                  Copec             2,815        Chile
               20 Communication Providers Telmex            2,656        Mexico
               21 Communication Providers Televisa          2,585        Mexico
               22 Retail                  Bodega Aurrera    2,511        Mexico
               23 Financial Institution   Banco Popular     2,414        Colombia
               24 Beer                    Brahma            2,359        Brazil
               25 Bakery                  Bimbo             1,995        Mexico
               26 Retail                  Lider             1,980        Chile
               27 Retail                  Sanborns          1,834        Mexico
               28 Mining                  Vale              1,708        Brazil
               29 Retail                  Almacenes Paris   1,699        Chile
               30 Food                    Sadia             1,496        Brazil
               31 Cement                  Cemex             1,494        Mexico
               32 Retail                  Elektra           1,398        Mexico
               33 Retail                  Jumbo             1,361        Chile
               34 Financial Institution   Inbursa           1,352        Mexico
               35 Financial Institution   Davivienda        1,251        Colombia
               36 Beer                    Modelo            1,244        Mexico
               37 Retail                  Exito             1,168        Colombia
               38 Retail                  Liverpool         1,156        Mexico
               39 Financial Institution   Banco Occidente   1,143        Colombia
               40 DIY                     Mall Plaza        1,116        Chile
               41 Retail                  Ripley            987          Chile
               42 Retail                  Santa Isabel      948          Chile
               43 Beer                    Antarctica        851          Brazil
               44 Communication Providers Vivo              817          Brazil
               45 Food                    Perdigão          778          Brazil
               46 Retail                  Lojas Americanas  762          Brazil
               47 Beer                    Bohemia           697          Brazil
               48 Paper                   Arauco            690          Chile
               49 Communication Providers Personal Telecom  681          Argentina
               50 Communication Providers TV Azteca         676          Mexico

Criteria for selecting Latin American brands for inclusion in the Top 50 ranking were:

        - Brand must be owned by a publicly-traded enterprise
        - The publicly-traded enterprise must report positive earnings

Consumer perception of a brand is a key input in determining brand value because
brands are a combination of business performance, product delivery, clarity of
positioning, and leadership. The methodology mirrors that used to calculate the annual
BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands, now in its seventh year.

The BrandZ rankings are the only valuations in the world that takes into account what
people think about the brands they buy alongside rigorous analysis of financial data,
market valuations, analyst reports and risk profiles. Download the complete BrandZ Latam
Top 50 ranking here [http://www.millwardbrown.com/BrandZ/Top_50_LATAM_Brands.aspx ],
including country breakdowns. The rankings and a great deal more are also available as a
free interactive mobile app for Apple and Android and as an iPad magazine
[http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/latam-top-50/id525392684?ls=1&mt=8 ].

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For the last 6 years BrandAnalytics has partnered with BrandZ team, being responsible for
the Financial Model of the Top 50 Most Valuable Brazilian Brands, and Top 50 Most Valuable
Latin American Brands.


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