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GoldenBoys Unveils Daily Update From Secret Insider

June 22, 2012

LONDON, June 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Dedicated stock market betting site GoldenBoysBet.com unveiled the piece de resistance
of its brand new website this week with new Daily Updates featuring insight, commentary
and tips from a senior secret insider in the global financial sector [
%5bhttp:/welcome.goldenboysbet.com/afs/come.php?id=11&cid=9&atype=1&ctgid=100%20%5d ],
known as the ‘Golden Boy’.

The new feature, which will appear every weekday in audio and video formats, is part
of GoldenBoys’ strategy to lift the mystery of the financial betting [
%5bhttp:/welcome.goldenboysbet.com/afs/come.php?id=11&cid=9&atype=1&ctgid=100%20%5d ]
sector and make it accessible to anyone with an interest in gambling. The Golden Boy is a
well-regarded figure who knows the industry inside out and has an outstanding track record
of predicting which way the markets will go.

“With games such as Millionaires, which offers a GBP1 million jackpot prize every
single week, we’re on a mission to break down the mystique that surrounds the financial
betting markets, which can make even seasoned gamblers stay away,” said Martin Linham, CEO
of GoldenBoys. “The Daily Updates will allow new players to find their way, while also
appealing to experienced players who want some hints and tips.”

The simple and straightforward ethos of the GoldenBoys brand is reflected in the
design of its revamped website and in the intuitive structure of the stock market betting
games it offers. To play the flagship Millionaires game, players simply need to predict
the last digit of the Friday closing prices of eight leading stock markets around the
world and, if they get it right, they win the GBP1 million jackpot [
%5bhttp:/welcome.goldenboysbet.com/afs/come.php?id=11&cid=9&atype=1&ctgid=100%20%5d ].


“I’ve been playing with GoldenBoys since the very beginning and I have a pretty decent
track record, so they got in touch and asked if I’d work with them on the Daily Update,”
said the Golden Boy, who is a senior trader in a major global brokerage house. “I agreed
on condition that I remain anonymous as my bosses wouldn’t look too kindly on me giving
away all the industry secrets.”

GoldenBoys will be launching a range of new games and betting [
%5bhttp:/welcome.goldenboysbet.com/afs/come.php?id=11&cid=9&atype=1&ctgid=100%20%5d ]
products over the next few months, all based on the same philosophy of simple, accessible
financial betting. Tips on how to play and win all of these games will be covered in the
Daily Update.

Experienced betting fans and curious first-timers can explore the site and sign up to
free daily updates from the Golden Boy at http://www.goldenboysbet.com
[http://welcome.goldenboysbet.com/afs/come.php?id=11&cid=9&atype=1&ctgid=100 ].

Notes to Editors:

What is GoldenBoys?

GoldenBoys was launched in 2012 by a team of go-getting entrepreneurs. From its
inception GoldenBoys has been a betting site with a difference. The games on GoldenBoys,
as with many betting sites, incorporate an element of chance, but they also, at first
glance, appear to require a degree of understanding of the stock markets. This isn’t so.
Through their simple and enjoyable games, GoldenBoys games make the financial markets
accessible to everyone, promising huge rewards to lucky winners.


The jewel in the crown of GoldenBoys, Millionaires is a game with a difference.
Players must correctly predict the last digit of the official closing price of eight
different World markets to claim the jackpot payout of GBP1 million. Once financial
markets close each Friday the entries are checked and verified to see if there is a new
Millionaires. The odds are the best you’ll find in the gaming market.

SOURCE GoldenBoysBet.com

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