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Proficient ZERO(TM) Wireless Music System Makes Custom Installation Jobs Easy to Demonstrate and Sell

June 26, 2012

NEW YORK, June 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Since its introduction to the marketplace at last year’s CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) Show, the Proficient ZERO Wireless Music System has left a significant footprint on the Wireless Whole House Audio market. The basic system consists of two components: the Proficient ZERO transmitter and an amplified receiver which features onboard Bluetooth® technology, and greatly expanded functionality.

According to Proficient’s Keith Marshall, “The Proficient ZERO Wireless Music System is our purpose-built solution for homeowners who want a whole-house sound system but don’t want the expense of hard-wired multi-room systems.” Designed primarily for retrofit solutions, the Proficient ZERO Wireless Music System will transmit high-quality stereo sound over a distance of up to 90 feet for up to eight rooms, reducing labor charges for speaker wire and cable runs through walls in existing homes and buildings.

According to a 2011 CEDIA Member Benchmarking survey, 63% of revenue for 2010 came from retrofit and remodel installs. People aren’t doing as much house-hopping and permanent upgrades as was the case a few years ago. The Proficient ZERO Wireless Music System addresses this significant trend head-on.

To assist system integrators with their home or office demonstrations, Proficient developed a unique kit specifically designed to present the benefits of the new product in the field. “Proficient wanted to make sure that our integrators could demonstrate the Proficient ZERO Wireless Music System wherever they are. By using our Music in Minutes(TM) demo kit, they will be able to have a valuable tool that will produce an active in-home demonstration,” added Marshall.

Features include the capability to expand to as many as eight receivers per transmitter. The transmitter itself includes three stereo analog audio inputs plus a switchable analog/optical PCM audio. It transmits them simultaneously creating a four source by eight-zone multi-room system.

The Proficient ZERO amplified receiver utilizes a high-quality 35 watt x 2 channel built-in digital amplifier featuring Texas Instruments’ Equibit(TM) technology. With the TI Equibit, PZ can drive a wide range of loudspeakers to high levels with sonic clarity that rivals full-sized audio receivers.

Since music streaming from a Bluetooth® wireless technology device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer is now becoming popular, the Proficient ZERO amplified receiver has the capability for receiving high quality streaming music via Bluetooth®. The Proficient engineers chose a high speed DSP processor that is optimized for enhanced signal-noise-ratio and high data bit rate.

The amplified receiver also features stereo speaker outputs, 3.5mm stereo line out, 3.5mm L/R sum out, optical line in, 3.5mm stereo line input for local source and front LED display. In addition, transmitted sources, as well as a local source inputs, can be selected from the included Infrared remote control.

For added flexibility, the Proficient ZERO receiver can be installed behind a wall-mounted TV and used as a utility amplifier to get better quality sound from a TV. It will also run any powered subwoofer wirelessly.

Applications include wireless multi-room/multi-zone audio; wireless stereo speakers; wireless surround speakers; flat panel TV audio amp; wireless subwoofer for home theater; and computer/video game/mp3 players.

The Proficient ZERO Transmitter and Amplified Receiver with supplied remote will have a MSRP of $680. Additional amplified receivers will be priced at a MSRP of $430. The product will be available to ship in Q3 2012.

About Proficient Audio

Proficient is a leading brand in the dealer-installed home audio market, with single-brand system solutions and an extensive line of speakers for whole-house, home theater and outdoor audio systems. Proficient also offers receivers, amplifiers, multi-room audio controllers, control keypads and an extensive selection of accessories — everything needed to build high-quality home sound systems.

Proficient Audio is a division of SpeakerCraft LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nortek, Inc. Since its founding in 2001, Proficient Audio has delivered top-notch product and industry-leading service. It is now known as one of the residential custom install industry’s most innovative brands. For more information, go to www.proficientaudio.com or write to us at Proficient Audio, 940 Columbia Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507. Our toll-free phone number is (877) 888-9004 and we can be faxed at (951) 750-6304.

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